Zombies of Mt. Olympus

by Stanley
(At your house )

` Zombies of Mt. Olympus

Lightning! Thunder! Zeus made sure all the other gods knew of his arrival. It was the winter solstice and all the gods were gathering for a roundup of the year before. Surprisingly Zeus was the first one there. There was no one to be in awe of his grand entrance. Zeus waited and waited and waited, but still no one showed up. Zeus was puzzled and angry. It started to thunder with every step he took, he was going to find the others. As he walked down Mt. Olympus he could hear the sound of waves crashing, the screams of forgotten souls, volcanoes erupting, sound of swords hitting against each other, and moans.
As he got closer he could finally see why no one was at the winter solstice. The gods were fighting hordes of the undead, ZOMBIES! Poseidon was washing them out with his summoned waves. Hades summoned multitudes of Minotaur’s and Centaur’s, Hephaestus erupted volcanoes and shot fire at these foes. And Ares killed every zombie in his path. Zeus ran to the aid of his brothers. He threw his lightning bolt as hard as he could towards the multitude. As the zombies saw it coming towards them one coward screamed “fratres mei zombies, nos debemos currit!” But as the zombies were about to run, the zombie leader screamed “Non currit fratres meas, zombies valere nos ignavus non sunt!” All of a sudden every single zombie stopped, turned and charged toward the gods. As they charged they screamed “belum a deus!” This did not scare the gods as they stood firm and fought. As Ares was mowing down zombies, something caught his eye. A zombie girl out in the distance, wandering through the battle field. He ran as fast as he could to her. As he got closer he screamed to her “you must leave this place!” She responded “Mei pes non ambulant.” Ares quickly grabbed her and brought her to safety. “Gratias agimus tibi.” She said. “Mei nomen est lequisha, quid nomen tuo est.?“ Ares responded, “I go by Ares, the god of war.” “ Your eyes and lips are beautiful” Ares said. “Gratias agimus tibi, tibi es pulcher.” She said.
Suddenly Ares heard a scream, it was Poseidon. As he raced to his aid he heard another scream, as he turned around he could hear the zombie leaders command, “Lequisha hostia est, belum a lequisha.” Suddenly all the zombies turned and charged toward Lequisha. Ares knew he loved her and could not let her die. “Auxilio Ares!” Lequisha screamed. Ares sliced through every zombie in his way determined to get to her. The zombie leader saw Ares come with fire in his eyes and he knew he had to stop him. “Zombies miles aggredi!” The zombies advanced at Ares but the were no match for the god of war. It took him only two minutes to single handedly defeat the zombie army. He saved the best for last, the zombie leader. He took his sword and with one smooth motion cut the zombie leader’s head off. The zombie leader’s last words were “Cochleae Ares.” He took as a trophy and kept it in his position forever. He married lequisha and later had little zombie- god children.
The End

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