Zombies invade Olympus

by Theo

Zombies climb up Mount Olympus and shout “Crebra, Crebra Deōrum.”

Jupiter sees the zombies, and says “Quid? Deī Deaeque, venīte!”

The Gods and Goddesses come, and Jupiter commands “Pugnate contra Zombiēs, Mars et Minerva.”

Mars and Minerva pick up swords and shields, and Mars says “Venī ad meō frater, venī ad meō!” Mars and Minerva fight the zombies.

Jupiter beckons Mercury, and says “Mercurius, in periculō sumus. Voca Pluto et voca auxiliō!”

Mercury leaves and goes to the underworld. He then yells “Serva Olumpus, Pluto. Deī deaeque in periculō sunt.”

Pluto responds “Anniversario Meī et Proserpinae est. Ego modo video eam per unā tempestā, hieme. Manta Meō!” Pluto then holds Proserpina in his arms, and kisses her.

On mount Olympus, Jupiter is talking with Juno. “In periculō non sumus, Mars et Minterva fortī miles sunt.”

Three female zombies enter and say “Iuppiter, amans deus, da mihi labra et cerebrum tuī.”

Juno responds “Eritis mortus.” Juno then orders a horde of peacocks onto the zombies that attacks them and drives them off the mountain.

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