Zombies in Olympus Sunt


Latin 3

It was a dark and stormy night, Iuppiter provided the lightning. The gods of Olympus were enjoying a Halloween party on top of Mount Olympus. They participated in fun festive games such as apple bobbing and scaring each other. Pluto enjoyed scaring the other gods with skeletons and ghosts from the underworld while Ceres enjoyed bringing plants to life to scare the others. Vesta provided the fire to keep everyone warm. The gods enjoyed fun snacks such as ghost cookies and enjoyed delicious punch. Little did the gods know that at the bottom of Mount Olympus, Pluto had turned all the people into zombies. Pluto wanted to take back his rightful place in Mount Olympus that Vesta had taken from him. His plan was for the zombies to rise up and take Mount Olympus by storm, so he could be the ruler of all the gods. Down below the mountain, zombies groaned and mumbled, “Cerebra, delectate cerebra!” No gods knew about the zombies. Suddenly at the party, Apollo and Diana got into a feud; they challenged each other to a duel to see who the better twin was. They planned on using powers of the moon and sun to win their fight. They went outside to fight but were struck with surprise when they saw a zombie army running toward Mount Olympus. The zombies groaned “sumus mortui ambuantes!” The gods were struck with fear and quickly ran inside to get the other gods. When Apollo and Diana told the other gods what they saw, the other gods were in disbelief. “I will kill them with water!” Neptunus said. Pluto was nowhere to be found. Ares yelled “I will kill them all with my war powers!” the gods quickly ran outside to fight the zombies but were in disbelief to see their fellow god Pluto at the head of the zombie invasion. “For too long I have sat in the underworld,” Pluto yelled, “now it is time to take back Olympus with zombies!” The zombies began to move quicker up the hill. One zombie said “Sum zombies, amo cerebra!” The gods charged toward the zombies not willing to let Pluto take over Mount Olympus. Mecurius used the power of music to make some zombies fall asleep while Bacchus covered the others in wine. The zombies yelled “non amamus vinum, amamus corpori vestrae!” The gods began to kill the zombies ad fight Pluto. Ceres used her farming skills to turn zombies into corn while Mars began to fight the zombies violently. “Commedemus cerebra!” Iuppiter used thunderbolts to kill zombies and Venus made zombies fall in love and become distracted. “Sum mortuus ambulans” One zombie said. With the Gods’ power, the zombies were quickly crushed and Pluto’s dreams of becoming king faded away. One zombie was left. “commode cerbra.” He said “me delectant cerebra!” The gods thought they would keep him as a pet. They taught him not to eat brains. “Cerebra sunt malum.” He said “non me delectant cerebra.” The gods were pleased. The gods made the zombie do their bidding. The gods told him to make the bed, the zombie said “lectus bonus est.” The gods told him to make dinner, the zombie said “me delectant cibi.” The gods told the zombie to walk the dog; the zombie walked the dog and said, “me delectant cane.” The gods made the zombie do their bidding and the zombie did. The zombie did not have a say in what he did because his master, Pluto, was not in Olympus and therefore the zombie was not able to rebel. The gods had successfully turned an evil zombie into a good zombie. The zombie said “era malus, sed sum bonus hodie.” The gods were very pleased with their creation.

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