Zombies Crashed my Beach Party

by Selena Bordeaux

It was Friday evening and the Beach party on the peak of Mt. Olympus winding down. Zeus and Hera were holding hands watching the sun kiss the horizon, and the bonfire Prometheus whipped up for the occasion was slowly burning away to mere ashes. All was quiet except the subtle sound of Poseidon playing with the sand on the shore.

:: Rummph, murgle! ::

Mumbles were coming from below the sea floor.
A slight fog swept over the entire beach and an icy breeze chilled the souls of the Gods and Goddesses.

Zeus: “What’s that sound?”

Hermes: “What sound? I surely did not hear a thing…”

Everyone: “GASPS!”

The mumbles and grumbles were slowly becoming more prominent as they made their way closer towards the beach.

:: Grummph murgle ruurrmph! ::

Hera: “I’m sure you heard that noise Hermes. Yes?”

Hermes: “Loud and clear.”

Aphrodite: “Oh dear me!! Look!!”

Aphrodite spotted zombies climbing up from the ocean onto a rock formation on the edge of the shore.

Zombie (1): Volo edere!

Zombie (2): Volo corpus et cerebrum!

Aphrodite: “Well that’s certainly not happening on my watch.”

Hera: I don’t think we have much of a choice. You heard them…they’re on a mission to eat our bodies!

Artimis: “Oh, believe me – we’re not going down with out a fight.”

Zombie (1): Ahh…Volunt pugnare? Ista non bona imago.

Artemis drew her sword and headed fearlessly toward one of the zombies. Her aggressive plan of action backfired when the zombie snatched her sword right out of her hand; and another one went straight for her legs. Artemis went down and although she did put up a good fight, she was no match for the zombies.

Hera: “Oh no! She was the goddess of war! What are we to do now!?”

Hermes: “Run!!!!!!”

Zombie (3): Festina! Efugit!

Ceres: “Wait! Perhaps the zombies might care for wheat!”

Hermes: “Seriously? They eat people!”

Zombie: Ita vero! Homines edimus!

Ceres: “Hmmph!”

:: Screams and shouts! ::

Zombie (4): Corpore Vescemur!

Zombie (5): Cerebra edere volo!

Hera: “Zeus! My love!”

A zombie rose up from the beach floor and sank his teeth deep into the flesh of Zeus. He did everything he could to break free from the Zombie, but his mighty strength and thunderbolt was no match for it.

Zombie (3): Sanguis e corpore Iouis delectatus est!

Out of no where, Prometheus leaped up and was gunning for a zombie that was moments away from attacking Hera.

Zombie: Pugnis vestris nos vincere non potest!

Prometheus: “Of course not. You my dear Zombie sir are mistaken. For I am the God of Fire and I shall set your dead, walking corps aflame and watch it burn to ash!"

Prometheus created a huge conflagration and sent it in the direction of the zombies. They tried to out run the blazing inferno heading towards them, but it was just no use. As the zombies’ ashes got swept away by a huge gust of wind, you could still hear the faint voice of a zombie.

“Hic non terminus est!”

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