Zombie Warriors in the Night

by Graham

One night, a storm erupted. Juppiter, king of the gods, was furious with Mercurius for not delivering an urgent message to Neptunus, king of the sea, in time to warn him of a dangerous future. The previous night, Mercurius was sent to the Oracle to get clues as to what lies ahead. The fortune was bad… an ancient force was to rise again. During the storm, Juppiter accidentally threw a lightning bolt into an old grave yard. Alas, this was no ordinary grave yard. This was a grave yard of ancient warriors trained by the titans. As the lightning bolt struck the ground, the electricity ran through each of the graves. The ground shook and a hand erupted through the ground. One by one, hands pushed through the earth and zombies emerged. “Resurgimus!”

Meanwhile, Juppiter was calming down and the storm retreated. The day came to an end, and as far as Juppiter was concerned, the Oracle was wrong, but he still kept his guard up. Little did he know, the zombies were closing in on Mount Olympus. They chanted, “Mortem Deis.
The zombies didn’t have any weapons or armor so they went to the Underworld in search of Pluto for help. Pluto was very envious of Juppiters’ position as god of the sky and offered to help the zombies attack mount Olympus. Pluto hoped to become king of the sky and all gods while the zombies hoped for revenge for they were previously defeated by the gods. Pluto had power, but he didn’t have information on the gods’ activities at Mount Olympus, nor did he have enough weapons. Pluto decided to go to Vulcanus. Pluto manipulated Vulcanus into believing that Juppiter was corrupt and was planning to turn on the gods. Vulcanus agreed to help. Vulcanus worked all day and night forging weapons for the zombie army. Finally, the time came and the zombies were equipped and ready to go to Mount Olympus.

The zombies snuck into Mount Olympus in the middle of the night. They attacked and caught everyone off guard. The zombies said to the gods “Neptunus tibi non auxilium ferre potest,” for Neptunus was on his way but wouldn’t arrive for hours. Off in the distance “Nos perdere non possumus” could be heard and other zombies added, “Nos habemus Plutonem in nostra parte” and “Nos habemus Volcani arma.

Juppiter was attacked in his sleep and held prisoner. To signal to the rest of the warriors, “Nos eum tenuimus captivum!” was shouted from atop the mountain. “Spem non habes,” said one zombie. Then, from behind the zombie army, Hercules came to the rescue. He killed zombie after zombie and out of nowhere, Neptunus arrived on Apollo’s chariot and Apollo raised the sun high up into the air. The zombies suddenly became weaker. Neptunus unleashed a tidal wave upon the zombies and they were washed out to the ocean. When the zombies tried to swim back, the Ketos swam up from underneath the warriors and swallowed them whole. “Periculosum monstrum fugere!” and “Noli sinere Ketos te edere” were the last words of the zombie warriors. As for the zombies holding Juppiter prisoner, it is said that on that day, fried food was created.

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