Zombie Story

by Owen


Zombie Story

The Greek gods and goddesses are sitting, comfortably at a beautiful round table at the heart of Mount Olympus. Quiet chatter surrounds the table. Suddenly faint groans are heard in the distance. Zeus, the king of the gods, hears the noise and demands silence at the table. As the noise becomes clearer Hera, Zeus’ wife, clutches his arm in fright.

Zombies: “Sic semper tyrannis… Sic semper tyrannis”
The table falls silent and Hermes flies to the door to see what the commotion is about.

Hermes: “It is a zombie army! They come for Mount Olympus

Poseidon: “Battle Stations!”
The zombies approach the door to Mount Olympus by the hundreds.

Zombie #1: “Ubi est Ares? Volumnus Ares.”

Zombie #2: “Atque cerebrum deorum!”

Zombie #1: “Tace serve!”
There is a pause and some discussion heard between the zombies behind the door. The leader silences the other zombie and returns to speak with the gods.

Zombie #1: “Oppugnabunt Mount Olympum. Iam, volumnus Ares!”

Zeus: “Why do you want Ares?”

Zombie #1: “Eius novit bellum et auxilium cum iniuriis.”

Ares: “Never!”

Zombie #1: “Aperi fenestram! Habemus pecuniam.”
Without thinking, Hera opens the window and the zombies pour into Mount Olympus.

Zombies: “Stultis sunt!”
Hundreds of zombies flood the room.

Zombie #1: “Iam cerebrum deorum eran nos!”
Anarchy engulfs Olympus…
Within minutes the gods have been decimated and the zombies have taken over Olympus.

Zombie #1: “Hoc nunc est terra nostra!”

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