Zombie Story - "Trouble From the Underworld on Mt. Olympus"

by Julia Shtipler

It was a beautiful day on Mt. Olympus. All the gods and goddesses were putting on their best clothes and getting into a festive mood. Aphrodite was to marry Hercules later that day in a large and lavish wedding ceremony. However, under Mt. Olympus a storm was brewing. Hades was angry because he secretly wanted to be the one marrying Aphrodite.

"How dare he marry my beloved Aphrodite! He's half mortal!," screamed Hades.

Hades knew he couldn't let this wedding go as planned; he had to do something to stop it. Hades paced around the room until he had a brilliant idea.

"I got it! I'll unleash my zombie army onto the wedding and it will end the wedding for good," Hades said.

The next day everyone was gathered, dressed in their finest robes, for the wedding of Aphrodite and Hercules.

Hercules walked over to Aphrodite and whispered into her ear, "What shall we do if Hephaestus uncovers our love for each other?"

"Don't worry," said Aphrodite, "I charmed him with my beauty so he will never even realize what is going on."

Soon music began to play and it was signaled that the wedding was about to start. All the guests took their seats while Aphrodite and Hercules stepped up to the altar. Suddenly there was a loud rumbling noise and cracks quickly start to form on the ground.

"What is happening?" yelled Zeus, who was one of the attendants at the wedding. Unexpectedly Hades' army of zombies began to pour out of the ground, hundreds of them marching at the guests.
"It's that scoundrel Hades! He's the one who sent his army of zombies upon this wedding!

"Nos venimus ab inferis. Recte tu, Hades nos miserunt," moaned the zombies.

The guests couldn't believe their eyes. Everyone began to run in opposite directions to try and escape these evil zombies.

"Potestis currere sed non potestis celare!" remarked the zombies.

Suddenly Ares leaped out of the crowd of screaming guests and began to hurl his spears at the oncoming zombies.

"Tuae hastae non possunt nocere. Sumus fortissimi!" said the zombies to a dismayed Ares.

As the zombies were terrorizing the guests, Zeus quickly made his way to Hades.

"Hades, you villain! What makes you think you have more authority then me, god of all gods? How dare you unleash a zombie army on the day of Aphrodite's wedding?" yelled Zeus.

Hades swiftly replied, "No one marries my beloved Aphrodite and gets away with it!"

Zeus saw that there was no point in arguing with the incompetent Hades and made his way back to the scene of the disaster wedding.

Zombies were yelling, "Nos accipimus vos ad inferos!" They were also trashing the beautifully setup wedding and making their way down Mt. Olympus.

"Ubi pulchra Aphrodite? Necesse est dare eam ad Hades," the zombies said to Zeus.

Zeus knew he couldn't let that happen. So Zeus and Ares assembled their own army and had Hercules, the strongest of the men, lead the army so they could take down the zombies.

They found the strongest men they could and soon they were all attacking the zombies with their spears and swords. One by one the zombies began to retreat back to the Underworld, fearing punishment from Zeus.

"Pavefacti sumus! Zeus occidit omnes!," the zombies yelled.

Finally all the zombies had retreated back to the Underworld, as Hades sat in his throne weeping about the loss of his beautiful Aphrodite. Finally the wedding could continue as planned for Aphrodite and Hercules.

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Nov 09, 2010
great job!
by: Anne

Great story julia!! i love the part when Zeus calls Hades incompetent...wow.

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