Zombie Revenge

by Jamie Hertz

It was the 9-year anniversary of when Julius, his family and 23 other people were all killed by the Lockness Monster in the Mediterranean Sea. They were all buried in a cemetery at the base of Mount Olympus. That night, there was a huge storm and a lightning bolt struck the cemetery causing all the people to wake and become zombies. The zombies, led by Julius, were all upset that Poseidon didn’t protect them from the Lockness Monster. They wanted their revenge on the gods and were hungry since they haven’t eaten in 9 years.

Nos deos edemus,” Julius said.

All the zombies form and start marching up the mountain. Their first encounter was with the god Aphrodite. Aphrodite instinctively tried seducing Julius with her beauty but Julius refused saying, “Ego non te cupio. Ego cibum cupio.”

After being rejected, Aphrodite ran away crying. The zombies walked further and ran into Dionysus who had a little bit too much to drink. Julius saw he could take advantage of Dionysus’s love for wine and set a trap. He put a bottle of wine under a net and when Dionysus went for it the net covered him.

Julius screamed, “Cena parata est!” The zombies ate up and Marcus said, “Is sapit de pullo et vino.

However, during this whole ordeal, Hermes was lurking on the zombies and went to spread the news, as he was the best messenger on the mountain. He told the head god Zeus and Zeus called upon the great warrior Hercules to defeat the zombies. Hercules, fresh off his capture of the Cretan Bull marched up Mount Olympus and confronted the zombies.

Te move quocunque Hercules,” said Julius, but Hercules ignored him. “Nos eum necemus,” shouted Julius, and the large number of zombies easily killed the demi-god.

After eating Hercules for dessert Julius said, “Ego volo necare Iovem.” The zombies continued marching up Mount Olympus and finally stumbled upon Zeus and Poseidon at dinner. “Nos Cupimus ultionem!” Yelled the zombies.

Zeus and Poseidon get up, both upset that they were interrupted while eating. They challenge the zombies to a battle. The zombies accept and all team up on Poseidon first. They surround him and kill him with his own trident.

Then they all turn to Zeus and Julius says to him, “Tu inbecillus et foedus est.” Zeus, now angry, unleashes a mighty lightning bolt upon the zombies that kills them all.

As Julius was dying he said, “Ego te odi.”

Zeus used his powers to bring all the gods back to life and all the zombies were sent to the underworld to suffer with Hades.

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Nov 09, 2010
good story
by: patrick

Good story, I like how every time the zombies get higher up the mountain they face a new God that tries to attack them, it is similar to my story. Also your latin sentences were very good.

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