Zombie Prom

by Hannah

A long, long time ago when zombies roamed the earth, a zombie named John was going to ask a very pretty zombie girl named Linda to the god themed zombie prom. John said, “Ubi est saltare hic annus” Linda said, “saltare in Mt Olympus est.” They both talked about how much fun the prom was going to be because of the location. Finally, John picked up the nerve to ask Linda to go with him and she was so happy that he asked because she has been waiting for him to ask her for the longest time. They were both so excited.

There was a lot of preparation for this prom but finally June 1st had finally arrived and the god themed zombie prom was today! All of the zombie girls at zombie high looked so beautiful! Linda said, “Hic saltare est plus ludibundus”
After all the dancing and fun all of the students started to get hungry. John said, “Ego famelicus sum, Ubi est cibus”. The prom was very expensive due to its location so they didn’t have the budget to cater at their prom. Linda said, “Illuc cibus non est”. One good thing about Mt Olympus is that there were gods everywhere that they could eat. How fortunate! John stated, “Is bonus in Mt Olympus est, sed nos possum edo divis”
John Linda and John’s best friends Michael took a short walk outside to come across, Aphrodite, Ares and Zeus. Aphrodite is the god of love and beauty. She is very beautiful. Ares is the god of war and Zeus is the king of all the gods. John, Linda and Michael all shouted, “Nos itus edo tu sunt”. You may think that the gods are strong enough to fight against the zombies but strangely enough the gods’ only weakness are zombies! Especially when there is many of them. Linda said, ”Ego habeo Venerem! Ea formosus et bonus est!” John said, “Sed Ego habeo Martem. Is bene est quia is fortus est.” and Michael said, “Ego supero. Ego habeo Iovem. Is rex est. The rest of the zombies ate Poseidon and Hephaestus. One of the zombies said, “Neptunus similis piscis est, et Vulcanus malus est.”
In the end all the zombies were satisfied with their prom and their meal!!

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