Zombie Horde at Mount Olympus

by Steven P
(New York)

Steven Purugganan 10/28/13

Zombie Horde at Mount Olympus
One day, Zeus and a few other gods were enjoying a warm, sunny day at Mount Olympus. Zeus was enjoying his day with his wife Hera, as well as his sister Demeter. Poseidon, the God of the Sea, and Hephaestus, God of fire, were also there. Artemis was busy on the hunt, therefore she had arrived late. A few minutes after Artemis had arrived at Mount Olympus, she had heard an odd sound in the distance. The leader of a zombie horde instructed to the others, “Ambulate super collem.”Hermes, the messenger god and also Zeus’ son, had hurried over to where all the gods were to tell them the situation. Ares had found out that Zeus had invited the gods to Mount Olympus, but Ares was not invited. Ares had become so enraged at this that he had sent fifty zombies towards Mount Olympus. At that moment, Zeus had heard an ungodly voice coming towards him.
“Venite zombies ambulantes” said the leader of the zombie horde.
At first, the gods at the top of Mount Olympus were not worried at all. As a few zombies made it up the hill and caught sight of Zeus, they yelled, “Oppugnate Zeus!” However, their confidence quickly dwindled as Zeus easily wiped them out one by one with his renowned lightning bolt. But, this first wave of zombies was not armed. The leader of the zombies had escaped Zeus and warned the other zombies, “Obtenete gladii et scuti!”. Once again the leader was confident, however another zombie had replied, “Non tenimus armae.”
The zombies remained hopeful that their outnumbering amount of zombies would be able to defeat the gods. As the leader led the zombies up the hill, he exclaimed, “Non habent magnum copiam” .
Once the horde of zombies made it up the hill, they confidently yelled, “Erimus victores.” At first glance, the gods seemed shocked at the large horde. One zombie exclaimed, “Dei timent noster exercitum.” Adding on, another zombie said to the gods, “Nos non timemus vos. Nos fortes.” Hearing this, Poseiden sent a huge tidal wave towards the horde which knocked most of them down the mountain. But Hephaestus nonchalantly set out a vast fire on the zombies which easily defeated the entire horde of zombies. They laughed as they heard one last zombie cry out, “Ego sum non mortuus adhuc” but unfortunately tripped and rolled down the mountain. The gods laughed again and went on to enjoy their day at Mount Olympus.

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