Zombie Attack

by Alexa

Once upon a time, a hundred zombies attacked Mt. Olympus . The zombies would attack at night when all the gods and goddesses were sleeping. The zombies attacked all of Mt. Olympus and no one could figure out why their homes and buildings were destroyed.

Some times at night they would hear someone yell, “nos volumus nocere tibi!” They did not realize that it was the zombies yelling.

When Jupiter, the head of the gods and goddesses, heard the news of the zombies attacking, he sent Mercury, the messenger god, to go tell all of the other gods and goddesses. Jupiter called for a meeting to decide on what to do about the zombie problem.

When the gods and goddesses heard the news, they were in disbelief. They didn’t even know there were zombies on Mt. Olympus! They immediately gathered at Jupiter’s house and discussed what they would do.

Everyone had a different idea on what do to about the zombies. Mars, the god of war, thought declare war on the zombies. Neptune, the god of the sea, thought water would kill the zombies and that they should dump buckets of water on them. Ceres, the goddess of the harvest, thought they should offer the zombies grain and wheat as a peace offering to make them stop attacking Mt. Olympus. Everyone debated on what to do for 10 days and 10 nights. As they debated, the zombies kept attacking and became more and more powerful. In the end, Jupiter decided that they should fight off the zombies at night when the zombies were out.

The next night, all the gods and goddesses gathered together to fight off the zombies. All of a sudden they heard a zombie yell, “tempus est oppugnare!”

Another said, “cuius domum debemus oppugnare?”

The gods and goddesses were all frightened!

They heard a zombie say, “primo eamus ad domun Jupiter!”

Then Jupiter said, “Attack them now!” The gods and goddesses ran towards the zombies!

When the zombies saw the gods and goddesses they yelled, “Striga! Nolumus ad pugnam!”

The head zombie came forward and said, “tu pugnare non vis.”

The gods and goddesses were so confused.

The zombie continued, “Nos solvam si pugnamus vos. Propterea nocte vos oppugnamus. Non utique nos credidimus nox.”

Jupiter said, “We understand, but you have been destroying Mt. Olympus. You all need to stop now. It is not fair to us. That is why we came to fight you today.”

The head zombie said, “Dolemus! Mons autem statim relictis!” With those words all the zombies walked away and left Mt. Olympus.

The zombies never came back and Mt. Olympus was rebuilt and never attacked by zombies again. The zombies moved onto a new mountain and tried to destroy the homes there. The gods and goddesses lived happily ever after and were never bothered by the zombies again.

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