Zombie Apocalypse

by Tosto
(Akron, Ohio)

Many years ago when zombies ruled the earth, the gods were called upon the free the human people of these tyrant undead rulers. First, the great god of the sky Jupiter was called upon to rally all of his fellow gods in order to devise a plan to save the earth. He called upon his brother Neptune, god of the sea to wash away all the coast line dungeons that the zombies built to enslave the humans. Then Jupiter called upon his fellow gods Mars and Vulcan to lead the troops against the zombies. Vulcan, with his expert blacksmithing abilities was in charge of forging all of the weapons used by the godly soldiers, and Mars would be called upon to inspire the troops and defeat all in his path.

The Zombie king Barackus refused to negotiate with the gods and when faced with far he yelled to the masses, “Timor non est deus.” With these words of war the zombie troops were invigorated to fight for Earth. The gods descended onto the earth in their godly form, the zombies were horrified when they saw the gods and started to lose any hope of defeating them, then from the depths of tartarus out came Pluto to aid the zombies in their war against the gods. Pluto still holds his grudge from when the gods banished him from Mt. Olympus and to the underworld for the rest of times. He has never forgotten this sign of disrespect from his brothers Jupiter and Neptune. As he came out of the underworld he yelled, “Dii mihi servient.”
And his rage was unleashed. King Barackus was taken back but held his ground and ordered the troops to, “nunquam redono.” The troops were now reinvigorated to fight for their king and against the gods. Although the gods were powerful, most of the gods chose not to help out Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Vulcan because they did not care about the humans. King Barackus was excited when he heard the news, “deos dividuntur.”

The zombie prison guards constantly taunted the humans that were in captivity, “homines sunt infirmi.” The humans were constantly praying to the gods begging for their help against the tyrant zombies. Then king Barackus entered the prison and began scolding the prison guards, “homines autem nunc.” The guards loved their king because of his fearless attitude. “Servire tibi vivimus” king Barackus had the zombies working full force for him.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning blasted the prison freeing the prisoners inside, the war had begun. “Uis deorum” the zombies were now assembling into their formations and king Barackus was getting ready to attack the descending gods. “Donec non amplius pugna pugnae.” Atlas, the zombies were no match for the Gods and they were defeated in a few short days. Upon their victory, Jupiter took his place on top of Mount Olympus and bellowed his words of victory so as the all the humans would hear his message, “Saepe credebat deum!”

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