Zeus's takeover

by Stefania

Once upon a time, there were a group of four zombies that wanted to take over mount Olympus because that had the power to make them become real again. They believed that they could kill who was in power. One day, they finally decided to come up and fight for Mount Olympus.

They are walking through the forest and they come across Demeter. She realized that they were up to no good. So, she tried to trap them. She made weeds wrap around them. This did not stop them from going. All were able to get out but one. They left him without trying to help him. “Ferte auxilium!” he yelled, but they kept walking.

They are walking along and now come across a river which is the only they can get to the other side. “Quid debemus facere?” “nos ambulare potest.” They start walking through the water and all of the sudden the water starts getting rough and waves are made. They realize that Poseidon is trying to get rid of them too, so they go faster. One of the zombies got dragged back into the water, “noli me linquere!” but once again the others leave.

Now the remaining two zombies are back to walking and once again they come across Hephaestus the god of forge. They need to go through a mine to get closer to Mount Olympus. He sees the two zombies and makes rocks fall on them. One gets stuck under a big rock that is really heavy and he cant lift it. “Petrum sul caput mea est!” The zombie that could get out, left him and kept walking without trying to help him.

The remaining zombie went to Mount Olympus and finally came across Zeus. “Ab sub!” He knocked Zeus off the mountain and grabbed his lighting bolt. When he was about to raise it up three zombies jumped out and knocked the bolt from his hand. These were the zombies that he has left before. They have came to give revenge on that one zombie that left everyone. They get Zeus and make the zombie go back to the dead. “Ab villa Zeus fugit.” They all leave and are sent back to the dead. “Mortuus est!”

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Nov 09, 2010
Nice story
by: Lauren

I liked the ending it added an interesting twist to the plot. Your latin sentences were really good and made sense. Overall, great story :)

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