Zeus' surprise party

Zeus, the master of all gods, had his birthday next week and some of his closest friends wanted to throw him a surprise party. Hera, Zeus' wife, invited Ares, the god of war, Athena, the goddess of war, and Artemis, the goddess of hunting.

Hera decided to have a dinner party and trick Zeus by not telling him anything that was going on. While Hera, Ares, and Artimis were waiting at the party to surprise Zeus. To their disadvantage a pack of zombies came into the party and the master zombie said "Mox ego poterit"

The gods and goddesses had a scared look on their face. Then, what made things even worse was when the master zombie said "Nos iovem cepimus."

Athena decided to take over because she was the goddess of war and told everyone in order to kill the zombies you have to light them on fire.

The Zombies overheard Athena saying this and replied back "minime ne te necares me" and also said "Nos te necare poterimus."

The gods and goddesses were standing around the zombies in shock. They were so scared they ran off to Mt. Olympus where they thought they would be safe. Everyone but Hera ran off and the zombie talked to Hera.

"Ubi sunt Amici tui?"

Hera responds "I can't tell you I don't want to risk their lives."

The master zombie responds "ego postulatoram scipere"

Here responds "Fine, they ran off to Mt. Olympus."

The master zombie replies "hahae nostri exercitus maior est"

Hera had no way of telling the other gods and goddesses that the zombies were coming. She felt confident that they could use their powers to defeat them. Hera ran to Mt. Olympus as fast as she could. As she was running she heard the zombies chanting "non amicae dies nostri sunt!"

When Hera arrived she saw that all the Greek gods and goddesses that ever existed were standing around waiting for the zombies to come and defeat them. The zombies marched to them and said "nostri exercitus adquistus!"

The gods and goddesses new they had to light the zombies on fire but did not have the supplies for it. Instead they used their natural born power. Artemis had a bow and arrow and was shooting that, Hephaestus threw his sculptures at him and Poseidon created earthquakes where ever the zombies would go.

After about two days of battle, the gods and goddesses were exhausted and so were the zombies. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, told everyone that they should make a truce. And so they did, and they got Zeus back as well. The zombies and gods and goddesses lived happily ever after in peace and harmony.

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