Why Latin 4 is such a great class and I should get an A+

by Austin Appel
(Compton, California, USA)

I feel as though there has been a dramatic event, of which specifics are unknown to the world, that occured between poem 3 and poem 5. No formal, pronounced, poet in his right mind would ever come out so frankly with a propisition so blatant as an affair. It would seem as though perhaps Catullus and Lesbia expressed some sort of mutual love to eachother. Something has obviously indicated to Catullus that Lesbia has interest in him as to so dramatically change the voice of the poems from speaking to a bird with gentle finesse, to brazenly putting down the rumors of the elders, and suggesting totally denying social norms. Maybe Lesbia/Clodia has driven Catullus to near insanity due to his love for her, and this is why he no longer cares about his tact or gentleness in his poetry. Unfortunately, until I invent my time machine in 6 years or so, the world will have to wait to find out what caused this change in attitude by Catullus right before poem 5.

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