When Zombies Attack

by Lauren Mishkin
(New York )

One day, the gods were enjoying the beautiful, sunny morning on Mount Olympus. Everything seemed perfect and serene, but little did they know there were zombies underground planning an attack.

The zombies lived underground because Jupiter had banished them many years ago. However, the zombies were sick of living in the cold and darkness so they decided to invade Olympus. The leader zombie said, “Volo petere deas!” The leader’s sidekick said, “Ita vero! Non est aequum nos habitamus hic!” The zombies were very angry so they set out to conquer the gods.

As the zombies were making their way up to Olympus Jupiter and Juno were relaxing completely unaware of anything. The only god that even knew the zombies existed was Jupiter. But even Jupiter couldn’t see the zombies coming to attack. The zombies had reached the beginning of Olympus and were preparing their attack.

Nos necamus Iovem!” yelled the leader of the zombies. He ran ahead and the rest of the zombies followed. They started to run up the mountain. Not long after arriving on Olympus the zombies came across the messenger god, Mercury. Mercury saw the zombies and was shocked. He had never seen a zombie before. He knew he had to tell Jupiter right away so he quickly flew up the mountain.

Is narrat Iovi omnia!” said one of the zombies. They began to panic, but the leader zombie calmed them down immediately. He said, “Nunc is scit nos petimus Olympum!” The zombie leader started to charge, but the rest of the zombies started to panic again. “Tacete et nos petimus!” the leader yelled angirly. This time the zombies all charged up the mountain.

When Mercury finally reached Jupiter he told him what he had seen. Jupiter was confused at first, but then realized what creatures Mercury was talking about. “We must get an army together to fight these zombies!” Jupiter ordered. “Bring me Mars and Minerva!”

Mars was the god of war and bloodshed and Minerva was the goddess of tactical warfare. When they arrived Jupiter described what was going on and both gods agreed to help, but they were surprised to hear that Jupiter had kept the zombie’s existence a secret from everyone. Minerva planned how the gods would fight and where they would be waiting for the zombies while Mars would command the gods as the fighting took place. When everyone was ready, the gods went out to wait for the zombies to arrive.

Meanwhile, the zombies had almost reached Jupiter’s kingdom when they saw the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. She was sitting on a rock brushing her hair in the sunlight. The zombies stopped and she didn’t notice them staring at her. They were mesmerized by her beauty.

Ea est pulcherrima dea!” said a zombie. The other zombies agreed and couldn’t stop staring.

Suddenly the zombie leader remembered their mission. “Non vidis! Nos ambulamus!” he yelled.

Suddenly Venus looked up and saw all of the zombies staring at her. At first she was flattered that they had been staring at her, but then she saw how ugly and scary looking the zombies were and screamed in terror. She got up and ran away.

Nos consequimur eam!” yelled the leader zombie. They charged after Venus who was planning on running right to Jupiter. The zombies didn’t know that she was leading them right into Jupiter’s plan.

They followed her right until they arrived at Jupiter’s huge castle. Venus had disappeared and the zombies were planning on how to storm the castle when out of nowhere, Mars and his army came charging at the zombies. The zombies and gods began to fight, but it was clear the zombies were no match for the god’s strength. The zombies and had been quickly defeated and Mars brought them to Jupiter.

Nolumus habitare sub terra!” explained the zombie leader. After hearing the zombie’s pleading Jupiter said they could live on Olympus with the gods as long as they didn’t hurt anyone or disturb the peace. The zombies were very happy and promised to never attack the gods again. Everyone lived happily ever after.

The End!

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