When Mortals Meet Gods

by Will
(New York)

Apollo, the God of music, was performing a concert with his Lyre for Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, and Athena. Their enjoyment of the music ended abruptly when five zombies with the intentions of taking over Mount Olympus came face to face with the Gods. Each god had to stop one ruthless beast, and this was a battle between physical superiority and godliness.

The first zombie said, “Da mihi lyram.” “Abi Montem Olympum,” responded Apollo. The zombie declared, “Ego te consumam.” With his back against the wall, Apollo put the zombie to sleep with his lyre, and this zombie was tossed off of Mount Olympus.” Ego te peto,” the next zombie screamed at Poseidon. “Ego mortuum terridus non est,” said Poseidon. With the hands of the zombie nearly strangling him, the god of the ocean made a puddle appear and drowned the zombie. Then an army appeared, Ares, the god of war, had some friends to conquer the zombies. “Haec formosus non est,” claimed the zombies. They began to back off. “Milites horridus sunt.” Ares had no second thoughts, and the army tore up the zombie and raced off of Mount Olympus. Zeus the God of war didn’t hesitate. “Ego zombie maximus,” claimed the zombie, but the king of Gods didn’t think twice. Zeus struck lightning on his head, and the Zombie was killed. With one god and Athena remaining, these five gods were feeling pretty good. The goddess of wisdom decided to be wise rather than violent. “Vive, sed numquam redi.” The solemn zombie replied, “Te gratias ago.” The zombies were beaten, but one zombie lived one, leaving further tensions as a possibility.

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