Venus' Surprise Party

by Alana

Iuppiter was throwing a surprise party for Venus, for her birthday. He invited all of the Gods. Pluto, however, did not get an invitation. In the act of revenge, he decided to inform all his zombie friends about the special occasion.

Pluto: “My fellow zombies, we must attend a surprise party for the God of Love and make the night miserable!”
Zombie 1: “Ubi est bacchanaliae”
Zombie 2: Amo bacchanaliae!”
Pluto: “The party is on Mount Olypmus”
Zombie 3: Delendi sunt nobis dei.”
Zombie 4: “Venus pulchra est.”
Pluto: “Shut up, Zombie 4! You can not fall in love with Venus, you must destroy her and the rest of the gods!”
Zombie 1: “Non necesse est delendi sunt nobis dei.”
Pluto: “If you obey my instructions, I will reward you.”
Pluto led the zombies to Mount Olympus. Their appearance at the party was a shock to all of the gods.
Zombie 2: “Cur vos non invitarunt Pluto?”
Zombie 3: “Non erat bonus. Ego perdere tu.”
Venus: “Please do not hurt me, it is my birthday!”
Zombie 4: “Vene pulchra est! Saltare cum me.”
Pluto: “Zombie 4! Please remember my instructions!”
Zombie 4: “Non potest resistere eam pulchram faciem!”
Venus: “If you do not hurt me, you all can stay for the party!”
Zombie 1: “Pulte, quid faciemus?”
Pluto: “Well, I do like parties…”
Zombie 2: “Possumus saltare et habere bonum tempus!”
Zombie 3: “Ego vado domum.”
And so they danced, had a great time, and celebrated Venus’ birthday without any violence. In parties later on, Pluto was always invited so that there would never be any drama between the gods. Some of Pluto’s zombie friends were disappointed that they could not be violent, but the rest of the zombies were happy because they thought Venus was beautiful.

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