Trouble on Mt. Olympus

by Jacob

It was a dark and ominous night on Mt. Olympus. Jupiter was in the midst of throwing an anniversary party for his beloved wife Juno. Pluto received word of this party and became extremely angry that he wasn't invited. Pluto sough revenge, so he ordered 50 of his most revered zombies from the underworld to go to Mt. Olympus and ruin the party. 

As Pluto was making these potentially devastating decisions in the Underworld, the anniversary party was in full force on Mt. Olympus. Bacchus had supplied the party with an array of delicious wines and Apollo was playing beautiful music for everybody to listen to and enjoy. Little did everyone attending the party know that the mood would soon be changed.

The zombies were now at the base of Mt. Olympus. One of the smaller zombies shouted, “Mons altissimus est.” Other zombies agreed with him but they decided to fulfill their orders and climb to the summit of the mountain.

An hour passed and the zombies were almost at the top of the mountain. Luckily Jupiter saw them out of the corner of his eye as they were nearing the top of the mountain. He looked around for the three gods closest to him to defend both the party and Mt. Olympus. He ended up finding Diana, Neptune, and Mars along with himself to fight off the approaching zombie attack.

The four gods lined up in an attacking position as they waited for the zombies to climb over the top of the mountain. Jupiter was brewing up a nasty storm while Neptune was creating a massive tidal wave for the zombies. Diana had her bow ready and Mars was sharpening his spear.

Meanwhile the zombies were only feet from the top of Mt. Olympus. One zombie noticed the darkening sky and said, “Caelum obscurum et formidulosum est.” Lightning strikes began to shower down on the zombies and caused a few to lose their balance and fall. As they were falling one zombie cried out of fear, “Egeo matre mea!” The rest of the zombies did not hesitate to this remark and pushed the final few feet to get to the top of Mt. Olympus.

The zombies were expecting to launch a surprise attack on the gods at the anniversary party. However, the second they climbed onto Mt. Olympus, they were met by a massive wall of water from Neptune and a bombardment of arrows courtesy of Diana. The water engulfed four of the zombies and they all shouted, “Natare non potest.” Two others were shot by arrows; one in the chest and one in the arm. The zombie that was shot in the arm yelled out, “Bracchio meo dolens” while the other zombie lied on the ground motionless.

As more and more zombies began to climb onto the top of the sacred mountain, Mars went into action. He threw his spear at a group on oncoming zombies and speared all 5 of them at once. The zombie in the middle of the group exclaimed, “Movere non potest”. As the zombies remained there, unable to move, Mars come up to them and pushed them off the mountain. However, one of the zombies was able to grab a hold of the god of war and pulled Mars off along with him. Luckily for Mars, Mercurius was watching out of the window and swept down to catch him as he was falling. After Mars was saved the zombie that had grabbed him screamed, “Deus fortunatus est!”

Now there were only about a third of the zombies left and they all made it to the top of Mt. Olympus. Feeling overwhelmed, Jupiter sent Mercurius to go and get Bacchus from the party. Although Bacchus was not a strong fighter, Jupiter had other ideas for him. He wanted Bacchus to lead the zombies into the party where he could make them drink all the wine they wanted so that they became weaker and easier to defeat.

The brilliant plan worked out better than expected. As the zombies drank the wine given to them they began to forget the real reason why they were sent to Mt. Olympus. With all the wine in their system the zombies made themselves at home and became very relaxed. Right before one of the zombies was about to take another sip of wine it said, “Zombie laeta est.”

Now that the zombies were intoxicated, all the gods had to do was convince them to leave the party. This turned out to be much easier than anticipated because of the zombie’s impaired judgment. Jupiter simply went up to the leader of the zombies and told it that Pluto had more wine than they could imagine hidden in the underworld and all they had to do was attack him to get it. The leader of the zombies replied, “Convinctus sum.”

The gods quickly led the now clumsy zombies out to the edge of Mt. Olympus. As they neared the edge one zombie said, “Desidero manere!” At this moment the gods pushed all the zombies off the edge of Mt. Olympus to their doom at the bottom.

And so, with the threat of the zombies taken care of on Mt. Olympus, Jupiter resumed the lavish anniversary party for all of the other gods to enjoy.

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