The Zombie Rave

by James

One late Saturday night on top of Mount Olympus, the gods were preparing their annual “Dancetober” event, where dancing was the main event along with some side games that included Ultimate Frisbee. The grand prize winner of the dance-off received the authority to brag of themselves being the best dancer of all time and a statue of themselves created by Hephaestus. As for Ultimate Frisbee, the grand prize received Gold Uniforms along with Gold Frisbee discs. But the main attraction was the dance contest. The Gods all watched in amazement, where Apollo and Hermes were in the midst of the dance-off. At last year’s dance, Hermes took the bragging rights with his statue named after his dance move of “the running man”.

During Apollo’s “Bernie” dance move, all of the Gods and Goddesses heard a famous tune that was always played during their “Dancetober” event. The only thing was that no one put the song to be played out loud, it seemed that it was playing by itself. “Michael Jackson diligamus! Regem Popi!” shouted one Greek God. It appeared to be the famous song of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Behind Michael, an army appeared to be zombies following Michael’s every move. When Michael and his army approached the Greek Gods and Goddesses, he and his army chanted: “Saltemus!” Mars, being his aggressive self, threatened Michael and his army to a war for disrupting their annual event. “Committere pugnam!” shouted Mars. As for the Goddess of wisdom, Athena couldn’t watch and stare no longer. She decided that both sides should rather commit to a dance off, rather than committing to a war. “Consentimus et Prouocimus te nos ”. Both sides agreed that they should battle, along with betting on Mount Olympus, to see who will be able stay and live there. Diana in the background was hunting straggling zombies that were wondering around Mount Olympus. “Venite huc zombies! Ego necesseo pasce mei familum”. She hears the chanting of zombies and quickly runs to where everyone was. “Salta nobiscum vos ignavi!” Zeus appears out of nowhere and tells the zombies to make sure of this dance off because of Hermes incredible dance moves. Before he can say anything else, he is interrupted by the zombies: “Salta nobiscum!” Zeus denies and makes everyone go into formation.
Michael Jackson’s hit single “Smooth Criminal” starts to play and the zombies start their routine. All the gods and goddesses stare in amazement. None of them knew that the zombies would be that good. Once all the zombies finish, Hermes steps in and starts to do his signature move “the running man”. While this is happing, Apollo and Zeus create a plan to make the zombies leave, for they knew they wouldn’t be able to win even with Hermes’s awesome moves. The plan was to make Apollo use his dance move, “the Bernie”, in hopes to make a diversion so all zombies could watch and not pay attention to Hermes. Apollo was to light everything up with fire with his dance move, while Hermes would one by one, take every zombie and throw them off the mountain. “Ipsa luminaria” shouted the zombies as they were all distracted by Apollo. This plan worked except for Michael.
Michael Jackson’s slick moves were too fast and smooth, that it made Hermes not be able to catch Michael. Instead, he became a bystander and just watched Michael tear up the dance floor. “Vincimus!” shouted the zombies for they knew that no one could beat Michael. Just when things were looking slim for the gods, Poseidon creates his very old dance move “the wave”, hoping to clean out Michael. Poseidon creates a gigantic wave that flushes out Michael and all the remaining zombies. “Ego redibo!” shouts Michael. Just as the gods and goddesses were to celebrate, Hades appears out of nowhere and tells the gods: “Mitteret exercitum alium, et revertar”. He vows to comeback, only this time with a better dancer, James Brown.

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