The Zombie Chase

by Elizabeth

Once upon a time, on Mt. Olympus, Heracles, Juno, Jupiter, Minerva and Neptune were hanging out. They were just gathered by a warm fire eating dinner and telling jokes, when suddenly they saw large shadows. Zeus yelled, “I see Zombie shadows!” The gods were frightened and didn’t know what to do, they all had confused looks on their faces. Then, since they were seen, the Zombies decided to charge at the Gods, so the Gods ran away, but the Zombies yelled, “ Potes currere sed te occulere non potes.” And then they screamed, ” Curri ad terra!”

When they got o earth Juno whispered to Jupiter, I’m afraid!” It’s okay, don’t be afraid, we will conquer the zombies .The Zombies heard Zeus and screamed, “Timite!” The Zombies got weapons and tried to kill the gods by slashing their necks with special swords! The gods kept running. Jupiter told Neptune to use water and try to drown the Zombies but the Zombies said, “non timiunt.” Since the water didn’t work
Then, the zombies tried to grab the gods and eat them but the gods kept trying to tell them that they didn’t taste good so the leaders of the Zombies commanded them to put the Gods down. The leader of the Zombies yelled” Duco!” The Zombies yelled, “Cavete!”
The zombies needed back up because they needed to catch gods so they called for more Zombies. Then an army of Zombies began to attack the Gods and surround them so they couldn’t run anywhere anymore! They were frightened and didn’t know what to do1 The Zombies were big and scary looking with slimy green, yellow, red, purple, blue , black, and grey skin. They smelled terrible too. The Gods wanted to give up but they wouldn’t.
They convinced the gods to eat some berried off of a bush. These berries were a beautiful bright purple color that captured the attention of the gods so the Zombies started to eat these berries. “Deliciae!” The Zombies said. What they didn’t know was that the berries make people, and zombies paralyzed for the rest of their life. So when the Zombies couldn’t move anymore they sadly said, “Superabamur.” The Gods were able to run back to Mt olympus knowing that they were now safe and could never see those Zombies ever again. Back on earth the Zombies complained, “Tutus sunt” The leader of the Zombies said, “Perditus.”

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