by Jacqueline

Jacquie Salazar

Mr. Horan
Latin 3
29 October 2013
On a dark and gloomy day, Hades rose from the underworld and with him he brought an army of zombies to storm the palace on Mt. Olympus. The zombies were disgusting creatures, their flesh was decaying and reeked of blood and some had missing limbs. These zombies were especially designed by Hades to eat the gods that had banished him to rule the Underworld.
Hades: ROARRRR!!!! Ego autem venio ad vos omnes!!!
Zeus: Quid tibi fratrem meum.
Hades: Odi te! vos misistis me ad inferos!
Hades: Zombies oppugnare Zeus et omnis dii!
Ares: Zeus frater meum debemus defendere Mt. Olympi!
Zeus: Omnes statur!!!!!!!!!!!
Zeus took out one of his lightning bolts and threw it up to the sky. The zombies stopped half way up the mountain and the gods stop their arguing and roared.
Zeus: Neque enim fratres bellum!!!!
Hades:Numquid non dimittet uobis!!! Nunc zombies comedent eos omnes
Ares: Pugnabimus usque in finem, et non probari Hades!!! >:(
Zombies: Dimitte me comedunt te, Stultum deo.
In the end the gods destroyed most of the zombies and piled them up in the underworld just to annoy Hades even more. Some of the weaker gods like Aphrodite and Hermes were eaten up and lived the rest of their immortal lives living inside the zombies that roamed the earth. Zeus and the rest of the gods sealed Hades in the underworld so he could never rise again and they wouldn’t be able to see his ugly face again.

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