The Unexpected Visitors Interrupt a Romantic Dinner

by Lexi Cannon
(Pound Ridge, NY)

It was a dark, gloomy night down in the Underworld where Hades, god of the Underworld, and Persephone, beautiful daughter of Demeter, were sharing an evening dinner. About half way through their meal, something crashed through the ceiling and onto the table, destroying a somewhat romantic night for the two immortals. These creatures were foreign to Hades and Persephone and were like nothing their eyes have ever seen. Silence fell upon them until one creature spoke.

Mortuae ambulantes sumus. Ulciscendi causa venimus!” it said.

“What have you done to aggravate these zombies, Hades?” Persephone asked.

Necati sumus et volumus militare pro libertate,” it replied. Persephone vanished out of the underground cave and ran as fast as she could to the top of Mt. Olympus. She ran straight to find Ares, god of war, and told him about the attack of the zombies. Ares immediately went to grab Artemis to help him fight off the zombies. They followed Persephone down into the Underworld and found Hades held captive by the zombies.

Is non liberetur donec nos liberatis,” said the head zombie. Hades struggled in the crowd of walking dead people, trying to escape the tight wrath of the zombies.

“Then let us fight!” cried Ares. Ares and Artemis called in an army of immortals, including the Titans, to help them fight off the foreign intruders.

After a while of violent fighting, the immortals were running low on weapons and warriors. It seemed as though they were outnumbered by the zombies.

Non potes nos vincere. Quia nos vinci non possimus!” they cried.

“We need more help!” shouted Artemis. “Send Hermes for assistance!” Artemis told Hermes, messenger god, to go report to Zeus, king of all gods, that the immortals needed a larger army in order to defeat the zombie creatures. Zeus himself decided to come down to the Underworld to make a compromise. When he saw the bloody mess it was, he decided to just join in with the violence.

Nos numquam audiremus! Tradite!” demanded a zombie.

“We will never give up! For we need Hades back and you all do not deserve freedom!” Persephone answered.

Nos nolumus perire! Volumus nostram libertatem!” a creature cried back.

“You are already dead! You deserve to be locked up down here where you belong!” After a long battle, Ares had the leader of the zombies in a choke-hold ready to chop his neck off.

Do! Exercitus tuus impar meo,” the leader whimpered. Ares was about to let go of the dead monster but decided to crush him anyway.

Tu necavisti nostrum ducem,” stated a member from the zombie mob.

“For you have held captive my lover! Give him back to us!” cried Persephone. The zombies gave Hades back to the immortals where the couple shared a hug of reunity and joy.

Nunc da nobis libertatem!” said the zombies.

“Never,” Hades answered. “No dead may be remitted back into the world of life.” Hades then sucked them all back into his pool of spirits where it was almost impossible to escape.

Reveniemus! Iterum conveniemus!” yelled the last creature to be sucked into the pool of spirits. Hades did not feel at all scared of the threats made by the zombie, for he is confident that his spirits will be contained very securely.

In the end, all of the gods decided to go back up to Mt. Olympus and celebrate their victory.

“It’s good to have you back Hades!” shouted Artemis. And they all lived happily ever after.

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Nov 09, 2010
by: Eamon

Your story kept me interested from beginning to end. Excellent ending!!

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