The Storming of Mount Olympus

by Nicky

It was a dark, cold night on Mount Olympus. The Roman gods were enjoying a Halloween party that was set up by Juno, the goddess of marriage and the queen of Mount Olympus. The gods were playing many games and were eating a bunch of delicious food. As the god were eating their dinner they heard a strange sound come from underground. They thought it was Pluto, the god of the underworld. The noises continued for about 10 minutes, but the gods just ignored the strange sounds. After 10 minutes, a group of zombies emerged from underground and said, “ Haec pars est super.” The gods were extremely shocked that it wasn’t Pluto that came out from underground. They were also very shocked as to why the zombies were invading their party. The leader of the zombies stepped up and said, “ Cur nos non invitatos ad partis.” The gods didn’t know how to respond so Mars, the god of war, decided to provoke a battle between the gods and the zombies. Before the battle, the zombies shouted, “ Oppugnate deos.” The gods were very upset that Mars decided to start a fight. They wanted to talk about everything before a war erupted, so Apollo, the god of healing, talked with the zombies about why they were interrupting their party. The group of zombies said, “ Nihil erat nobis faciendi.” The gods felt bad for the zombies, so Venus, the god of love and beauty, asked the zombies if they wanted to join the party. The zombies said, “ Certe, nos amaremos venire.” The gods were very pleased to have the zombies at the party. They were also very happy that they avoided a battle with the zombies. As the party continued the leader of the zombies said, “ Haec pars delectat magna.” The gods and the zombies enjoyed each others company. The party lasted for 5 hours because of the great time that everyone was having. As everyone was eating desert the co-leader of the zombies shouted, “ amo partes.” The gods were glad that the zombies were having fun at the party. As time went on the zombies enjoyed themselves more and more. They were very grateful that the gods allowed them to join the party. The zombies yelled, “ Debemus tersus scrutum.” Everyone finished their desert and started to clean up. Cleaning up took the gods and zombies 30 minutes. As the party ended the zombies said, “ Nos non volo exire.” However, the zombies had to go home to their graveyard because the gods didn’t have enough room for the zombies to sleep. As the zombies were leaving they shouted in unison, “ gratias fibi.”

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