The Stolen Treasure

by Carolyn

Jupiter’s birthday was coming closer, and Juno was planning a surprise party because it was Jupiter was turning 750 years. With the help of Minerva, who used her wisdom to help fool Jupiter into thinking that they would not throw a party for him. Juno got Hermes to send out invitations inviting all of the other gods.

As the day of the party came closer Hermes had no idea of what to get for Jupiter. He wanted to get him the best present ever. One day as he was walking around he stumbled upon a latch which he had never seen before. He decided to open the latch where he found the gold and jewels. Hermes thought to himself and decided that this would be the perfect gift and would ask Vulcan to make the gold into a lightning bolt and decorate it with the jewels. Little did Hermes know that the treasure he found belonged to the Zombies, although they were defeated by the Gods years ago, would reawaken at night to check on their belongs which they hid from the gods before they died. That night was the party, when Hermes arrived he could not contain his excitement about his gift. After dinner, all the gods gave Jupiter their presents when he opened Hermes present he was amazed at what Hermes had given him, so he placed it on his mantle for all to see. Meanwhile the zombies were checking on their treasures and when they discovered the latch to their most valuable treasures had been broken into they became angry, and shouted, “ Debemus invenire thesaurus!” and another shouted “ Vocate Pluto” Pluto was not invited to the party because of his feud with Jupiter.

Jupiter was just finishing open his presents when Mount Olympus began to rumble, they all went outside to check it out when they discovered the Zombies climbing towards them, in rage. Jupiter was so enraged he began to throw lighting blots down on them. In order to save them, Neptune created a storm which made Mount Olympus slippery and harder for the zombies to climb. Ares, god of war, quickly gathered his weapons to fight the zombies. As the zombies arrived at the top of Mount Olympus, they asked, “Ubi nos thesaurus est?” Other Zombies shouted “Qui capit, nos thesaurus?” Minerva went into action and fought the zombies to protect her territory. All the gods were fighting the zombies, who then yelled, “Nos numquam superabimur.” As they said this Vulcan arrived with new armor he had been making all night. When the Zombies saw the new armor they were afraid because they didn’t have new weapons. Fortunately for them Hades returned and brought more zombies from the underworld. As the gods took on more zombies , the head Zombie left the fight to look for their treasure. He asked himself, “Cur capistis nostris thesaurus?” Ares, god of war, quickliy came to Mount Olympus and deafeated the Zombies.

As they left, one shouted,”Redibimus!” Another who was furious by not getting their treasure shouted “Utciscemur.” As the zombies returned underground they yelled, “Ad Montem olympum adit.” After their encounter with the zombies, Hermes knows never to steal again.

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