the rising of the dead

by joseph
(ny )

One brutal stormy night Pluto was enraged with anger and accidently dropped a vase of evil souls. Not being able to stop them, they flew out of the underworld as fast as Hermes. When they rose above the earth, they quickly took off in search of the graveyard at which they were once buried. When they found their bodies they were able to renter them because they were a part of a dark magic army that Pluto had been creating in order to claim the thrown of mount Olympus. After the souls were in their full flesh zombie bodies, they went looking for armor to cover the decay that had spread throughout their corpse. When they found Hermes, they forced him to tell them where they could find their legendary matte black colored armor. After revealing where they could find their armor, he flew as fast as he could to mount Olympus to warn the gods. When the zombies found Vulcan they forced him into creating their armor. When it was completed they screamed (iam deii mortui erunt). Zeus had at the point announced that they must prepare for battle. While the gods were preparing for war the zombie army returned to the underworld, to rob Pluto of his chariot so that they to get to MT. Olympus. Even though Pluto would love to take control of this situation and take his place in MT. Olympus. The zombies grew to strong and said to Pluto (iam non sumus servis tui) they grabbed his chariot and began heading for exit. Pluto began closing the doors to underworld, one of the zombies was able to stop him because the dark magic that surged throughout the armor allowed them to throw a powerful dagger at Pluto that pierced his hand causing him to weaken and not be able to close the doors. As they left they said ( libri sumus) when they began taking off into the skies the leader of the zombies said( per caelium volamus et in manibus nostris Olympus erit). The gods could now sense that they were close and began getting into their positions. As the zombies approached MT. Olympus they screamed ( dies est dieo, cum spiriti nostri viviunt). When they finally arrived the gods began attacking. At first they thought that it had been Pluto who was behind all this chaos, but they soon received a message that they had stolen his chariot. Due to their dark magical armor they felt invincible. When Zeus warned them that they still had a chance to turn around and leave. The leader of the zombies said ( dies est dies cum spiriti nostril vivano et vos mortis eriunt) at that moment Zeus used his power to generate lighting from the black clouds in the sky. The zombies were quick enough to dodge the lighting, but Mars was to fast when he threw flaming spears piercing both unarmed horses in the heart causing them to fall into the ocean. They screamed ( equi nostris solum mortui sunt, cum nos spiriti vivemus). Neptune then created a wave that had extended from the ocean like a monstrous hand swatting them down towards the ocean. When they rose to the surface of the water they said ( vivemus sumus, sed Vulcan est creator arma nostram). The gods now feared that it will not be easy to rid themselves of these dreadful zombies. As the battle occurred Pluto had been watching it go on in a special mirror. Trying to figure out a way to stop it, he realized that if his brothers could somehow get the zombies close enough to the equator he could open up the ground and burn them into their infernal deaths. When the gods received the message from Pluto, Neptune created a whirlpool that began devouring the zombies one by one. When the last zombie had been pulled in it said ( dies nostrum veniuntur). When the whirlpool carried the zombies close enough to the ground which was at the depths of the ocean. Pluto opened it up creating and flame that had grabbed the zombies ripping their bodies and burning them like fire wood. The spirits then ended up in Pluto’s tub of evil souls. When the last soul entered, it said with a screeching voice (dies nostrum tornit).

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