The REAL Curse of the Murse

by David Lyness

One day Zeus saw a glorious hand bag in the Underworld. He decided to go and check out how much it cost.

When Zeus arrived at the Underworld he saw Hades carrying the last handbag of the kind he wanted. Naturally Zeus wanted what he couldn't have so he waited until Hades fell asleep then took the murse.

While Zeus was going back to Olympus to show off his new murse he saw an inscription on the back of it that said "Cave Carmen", but he ignored it. When he got back to Olympus he started to show off his new murse.

Hera took one look at the bag and immediately remembered that the bag held a great curse. In the Underworld the murse could be carried without any consequences but on Earth the murse would awaken a vast army of blood thirsty zombies that would destroy the carrier and their land. Hera knew that the Gods didn't have much time left before the zombies would be awaken so she sent the strongest demi-god, Hercules, to destroy the murse.

Hercules had no problem ripping the beautiful Italian leather in half with his bare hands but that only made their problem worse. By ripping the bag the zombies would immediately raise from the ground.... The sky turned red and the ground started to shake... BOOM.... the ground broke and out came millions of blood thirsty zombies looking for the Gods.

The Gods set up a strategic defense plan. Dionysus would stand at the bottom of Mount Olympus and make a moat filled with wine, Artemis would set up a group of archers to shoot the zombies before they reached the mountain, Hercules and Ares would lead soldiers into the battle field, and Zeus and Hera would defend the top of Olympus if all else failed.

Zeus called to the zombie leader asking who could ever defeat the mighty gods and the leader replied "Ego et exercitus meus!"

Before the first wave of zombies attacked, the leader yelled to his soldiers "Sine labore nihil!!"

The first wave of zombies stormed Olympus screaming"ESURIMUS!" Hercules and Ares had no trouble defeating the first of 3 waves.

The second wave of zombies made Hercules and Ares retreat leaving Dionysus and Artemis to defend the base of Olympus, the zombies came screaming "Sitem habemus pro vino!! Non timemus saggitas."

Dionysus and Artemis defeated the second wave with ease but could not defend Olympus from the third wave leaving Zeus and Hera to defend the summit.

The third and largest wave of zombies made their way up Olympus chanting "Esurimus pro cerebro!", "Non sistemus!", "Vos capitis quid sit nostrum!!!", "Vos paenitebit!".

Zeus unleashed lightning bolts on the zombies and stopped them dead in their tracks.... or so they thought!

The lightning bolt made a super zombie! "Ego sum magnus!"

All the Gods came together to take down the behemoth. The zombie yelled "Is est pro Hades!". The Gods came together to form a kamehameha and blew the super zombie to pieces. In the end all was okay, Zeus was very upset because he no longer had the murse but all the Gods were now safe.

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