The Need to be Pretty

by Jennifer Grecco

A storm was brewing on top of Mt. Olympus. Something was wrong. Mercury looked over the horizon as he flew over the land. The wings on his talaria were fluttering violently because the winds were so extreme. He looked down and trembled.

Mercury flew to Juppiter as fast as possible: Juppiter, zombies are coming!
Juppiter with his eyes opened wide: Mercury call the g-ds together!
Mercury calls the g-ds to the top of Mt. Olympus
(Heard in the distance) Zombies: Ad montem Olympum venimus

After a few minutes all of the g-ds were now together on top of Mt. Olympus waiting to see what Juppiter needs and a little confused to that scary voice in the background. They see the storm starting and are sure they are going to need to fight.

Juppiter: Fellow g-ds. Zombies are coming for us, what can we do to stop them?!
Venus: I will make them fall in love with us.
(The zombies approach) Zombies: Non habemus corda. Nostra sunt nigra.
Neptune(speaking in a strong voice): Then I will drown you in my waters.
Zombies: natamus bonae. Aqua non dolemus.
Ares(starting to get mad): Fine I will use my war tactics and defeat you all.
Zombies: Habemus nullum dolorem. Numquam morimur.
Pluto(Convinced he had the answer): I will take you all down to the underworld so you can suffer for eternity.
Zombies: Non habemus animas. Bonum experiri
Juppiter(beginning to understand that the g-ds would be defeat was ready to give up): G-ds we need to think of something. How do we stop them!?
Zombies: Nos sumus hic. Capiemus vos.
Juppiter(begging for approval): Can we be friends please?
Zombies: vos non amicis nostras. Vos estis hostes nostri
Juppiter(a little irritated exhausted from the stress): Why?
Zombies: Vos pulchra sunt, Nos feodi sumus.
All of a sudded Juppiter got excited. He knew he had the perfect solution for thei problem.
Juppiter: What if we make you pretty?
Zombies: si sumus pulchra, possumus esse amicos
Venus(enthusiasticly replied): I can make you irresistible.
Zombies: Nos laetae sumus. Iam nos amamus Vos.

Venus takes some sparkles out of a bag she was holding and sprinkled it on the zombies. Then she handed the zombies a mirror and they looked at themselves.
(After looking in the mirror) Zombies: Nos pulchrae sumus! Gratias. Vale. The Zombies left Mt. Olympus happy, never to return.

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