The Long Lived Zombies Myth

by Victoria Dey
(New York)

Here is a myth about the zombies on Halloween. On the night of Halloween there was the Mt.Olympus Gods celebrating the holiday; Zeus and Hera were dancing under the moonlight, Poseidon was scoping the ocean to make sure the Locnes monster would not come out from the ocean floor and even Hermes was flying around the night sky, hoping to see no witches.

All of a sudden a loud noise arose and from the bottom of Mt.Olympus was a pack of zombies.

Convenite zombies et audite” the zombie leader shouted. “Sunt hostes nostri. Zombies contra deas.

Slowly the zombies trekked up Mt.Olympus, but there were many obstacles “Hodie habebimus Olympum”.

The Gods got into position to attack. They had a plan if there was ever an invasion. First came Aphrodite with her beauty and ability for another to fall in love with her instantly.

Estis fortes. Nolite eam amare” shouted the zombie leader to all the other zombies.

But slowly, many of the zombies fell for Aphrodite.

The next God to help out was Poseidon. Since he had the ability to control the ocean, he formed a huge wave ready to wash away the remaining zombies.

Magna unda. Nolite revertere.

What the Mt. Olympus Gods thought would be the last straw for the zombies, some hooked there claws to the mountain and were able to stay on while the big wave carried the others into the sea.

Nos sumus umidae. Tamen nos sumus umidae optimae zombies! Habebimus Mt.Olympus mox.

This was the last round for the Gods to get the zombies off of the mountain. Since Zeus was the head God, he tried to talk to the zombies instead of causing conflict and since the zombies only spoke Latin, Zeus said “Venite domum. Nolo oppugnare quod expugnabimus vos”.

The zombies then said, “Ego sum dux zombie. Non veniemus domum, sustinebimus et pugnabimus

So Zeus got all the Gods together and told them to attack. Artemis went to the top of Mt.Olympus where she started shooting arrows, Zeus started a storm where lightning bolts struck the zombies from above and finally Hades came.

Nos metum habemus. Fugiemus.

At once the Gods stopped attacking. Hades threw all of the zombies into the underworld where they would stay for eternity and never threaten the Gods again. This is why every Halloween it is said the zombies rise from the dead, they get out of the underworld and seep up through the ground, trying to reach Mt. Olympus.

Expugnabimus Olympum!”

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