The Lonely God

by Matthew Bruck

One day the gods on Mount Olympus decided to have a party. Being the king of the gods, Zeus's job was to plan all the parties. He invited every god he knew except for Hades, because he was both annoying and uninteresting.

Hades found out about the party from Hermes who was the messenger god, and quite a gossip. While delivering a recently deceased soul to the Underworld, Hermes asked Hades why he wasn’t invited to the party. When Hades heard this he became extremely angry, and some zombies he was with tried to calm him down.

Tu deus fortissumus es,” one said.

Still, Hades was very angry. He gathered his zombies and told them to attack the gods and ruin their party.

Nos non dormiemus usque nos deos vincimus.”

Soon thereafter, the zombies arrived at Mt. Olympus.

Sed quomodo nos immortalem deos vincemus,” one zombie asked.

Facile erit pugnare eos,” another replied.

Ita vero, foedum cruorem nostrum timebit.

The zombies quickly climbed up Mt. Olympus and arrived at the party. When the gods saw the zombies they were shocked.

Then one zombie said, “Hades nos mittebat, quia iratus erat.”

Soon the gods and zombies started to fight. There were at least 100 zombies to every god. Although there were many zombies, the gods were much more powerfull. The screams of the zombies could be heard for miles. Artemis was the god of the hunt, and shot with perfect accuracy.

O minime, Artemis sagittas et arcum habet,” the zombies screamed.

She easily destroyed many of the zombies.

Another god who helped defeat them was Athena. She was the goddess of war and knowledge. She used her superior military intelligence to defeat the zombies.

Athena intelligens est, itaque fortis est,” one zombie said.

Soon the zombies were completely defeated. They all died and their souls went back to the Underworld. When they got back, one zombie said “Nos remittebamus ac a deis necabamur, ergo Hades iratus erit.”

Soon Hades saw the zombies and was very upset. He said that they were bad zombies, and that he would make them pay for failing him. Then one zombie cried out, “nemo deabus nocere potest,” which made Hades even angrier.

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