The Invasion of Mount Olympus

by Spencer Chernus
(us of a)

Nos volumus necare deos” the Zombies roared as they ferociously stormed Mount Olympus.

Hermes was nearby and heard these chants. After hearing these threatening chants, he flew with his winged-sandals to tell Zeus the news.

Nos volumus bibere sanguinem vestrum” they shouted as they approached.

Zeus, now also aware of this news, became furious and decided to strike the Zombies with lightning bolts. They would not die!

Nos mori non possumus quia iam mortui sumus” they said in response to Zeus’ action.

Zeus ordered Hermes to rush to Athena so she can strategize a battle plan, then to Ares to command the gods in the war effort, and finally to Hephaestus to make weapons for the gods.

Vestra arma non possunt nocere nobis.

The gods daringly ignored that chant and continued to collectively prepare. Athena’s strategy was to remain calm and for the gods to hold their ground. She figured that since the gods are immortal, they would be fine.

Etiamsi necare deos non possunt, nos venimus quia volumus capere vos.

Aphrodite desperately wanted to help, but Ares wouldn’t let her as he said she was too fragile and could not do anything that would be helpful.

Adventuri sumus” the Zombies shouted as the gods began to get into battle positions. “Consilum vestrum non efficiet.

The gods did not worry, as they were sure their immortal powers would save them.

Laborabitis” the Zombies roared. The Zombies now finally had reached the gods to find them waiting. Unfortunately for the gods, the Zombies looked much stronger up close than they did from afar. The gods now began to worry.

The Zombies staggered toward the gods with their arms forward, parallel to the ground. The gods walked backwards.

Hic sumus quia volumus capere animas vestras” the Zombies chanted as they licked their lips. It appeared as though all the Zombies really wanted were the gods’ souls, and they would not leave with out them.

The battle began now and after a good chunk of time it was a stalemate. Ares' military orders were having some success, while Athena’s wise strategies were proving to be very significant, as they were keeping the battle even.

While Athena left the battlefield for a moment to quickly devise another plan, she noticed Aphrodite sitting behind a rock weeping. She was crying from when she was told that she could be no help. Athena, comforting Aphrodite, suddenly realized a marvelous plan.

As battle resumed, the gods noticed Zombies disappearing one by one. It was as if the Zombies were just leaving the battlefield as if to forfeit. The gods were confused, yet accepting of these actions. As it turns out, Aphrodite used her jaw-dropping beauty to seduce the Zombies and eventually make love with each of them. The Zombies were falling head over heels for Aphrodite and treated her as their master. Taking advantage of her power, Aphrodite told the Zombies to leave Mount Olympus and the gods in peace forever.

Te resitere non possumus. Vobis faciemus quod dicis” the Zombies said, dazed at Aphrodite’s figure. The Zombies reluctantly chanted “Vos gratias agatis ei” as they left Mount Olympus for good.

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Oct 27, 2011
Great Job!
by: Coach G

Great Job!

Nov 09, 2010
good job
by: Anonymous

good job

Nov 09, 2010
cutie :)
by: Anonymous

your so hotttttttt. i want youuu

Nov 09, 2010
by: Eamon

Excellent job with the story!! It was very fascinating.

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