The Interrupted Party

by Nick

One night on mount Olympus, the Olympians all gathered together for a party to celebrate Demeter?s birthday. Every god was invited except for Hades because Zeus thought that he would start trouble. Hades was angered by this and sent up an army of zombies to attack mount Olympus and ruin the party. The leader of the zombies went to the gate of Olympus and he shouted ?Venimus ad pugnandum deorum.? Zeus was angered by this and had Hephaestus forge some weapons for them to fight.

?You cannot stand a chance against us?, shouted Zeus. Zeus sent Artemis and Apollo to position themselves at a strategic location to take out the zombies with their archery skills. The others went to fight on the battlefield and Ares lead them.
?Iam mortuum non interficiat nos enim sumus? shouted the zombie leader.
?Then we will fight forever,? shouted Apollo.
The zombies lined up in formation and the head zombie yelled ?certamen ad mortem?. The fight went on for hours and many zombies were killed. The gods have the upper hand on the zombies and the zombies are mad.
?Non dificiemus,? shouted the zombies. Apollo and Artemis both were down to their very last arrows and things were picking up for the zombies.
?We need more arrows! Where is Hephaestus?? shouted Artemis.
?Auxilium non veniunt pro tibi? shouted the head zombie. As soon as he said that, Hephaestus came back with forged arrows for the archers and new swords for the others on the battlefield.
Hephaestus himself grabbed a sword and armor he forged and went into the battle screaming, ?We shall be victorious.?
The Zombies weren?t planning on giving up and the head zombie shouted, ?Etiam cum gladiis, non poteristis stare contra.? The gods had the upper hand on the zombies and were killing each of them by the second.
Ares shouted, ?You should just retreat and give up because you will lose.?
The head zombie was angered by this and shouted, ?Stabetimus et pugnabimus. Non amittemus!?
The gods were killing less numbers because the zombies were getting stronger. ?Non possitis occidere nos.? said the head zombie. Then he closed in on Zeus and said ?morieris Iuppiter.?
Zeus was irritated by his comment and screamed. ?You will not kill us, we will kill you all.? He took his lightning bolt and electrocuted many of the zombies.
The zombies were completely outmatched and the head zombie screamed, ?coepite. Sumus vincemur.? The Gods were relieved that the zombies retreated and they returned to their great party. Since this incident, they?ve invited Hades to every party because they didn?t want to deal with those problems again.

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