The Great Zombie Dance Off

by Natalie Beyer
(Bedford, New York)

One Friday night on top of Mount Olympus, the gods were preparing for their annual dance party. At last year's dance Poseidon took home the gold with his unforgettable move called “the wave”. So this year all the gods are bringing their best dance moves.

During a warm up song Michael Jackson’s thriller starts blaring from the under belly of Mount Olympus. The gods freeze in confusion and look at each other. Where was this music coming from? The ground begins to shake and the music grows louder, when through the fog comes dancing zombies!

Michael Jackson amamus regem popi!

Zeus, the king of the gods, steps forward and shouts “Why have you interrupted our party?”

The zombies continue to march towards the gods. Zeus begins to grab one of his lightning bolts when he realizes that the zombies are chanting “saltemus!

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, quickly brainstorms that the only way to get rid of the zombies is to challenge them to a dance competition.

Proelum committamus!

At first the gods laugh at Athena’s idea, then realize that the zombies are still dancing towards them and yelling “fiemus dei!

Hermes, the messenger god, flies towards the zombies with such fear. He notices that the zombies are working together as a team to perform this fantastic dance. He begins to second guess the idea of a dance off but before he can really think he is standing in front of the zombies.

Vos movete!” The zombies chant in unison. The zombies are growing closer to the gods, and the music is now so loud that the gods have to cover their ears. Once the zombies are in front of the gods everything goes silent.

One could hear a pin drop.

The head of the zombies steps forward and says, “Volumus Neptunum!

Poseidon emerges from the crowd and before he can say anything the zombie says, “Salta nobiscum!

Poseidon not thinking says, “Are you sure because I have the best dance moves and I can beat anyone who dares to challenge me.”

The zombies turn to each other and only mumbles are heard. Then they turn back to face the gods and the main zombie says, “Prouocimus te nos!

Athena explains to the zombies that if they win they can take over Mount Olympus, but if they lose then they must return to the underworld.

Concedimus,” the zombies reply as they set up in their formation.

Michael Jackson's "Beat It" begins to play and the zombies start their routine. The gods stare in awe at the zombies. None of them would have guessed that the zombies would be that good. Once the zombies finish Poseidon commences with his signature dance move “the wave”.

The zombies start laughing and jumping up and down saying “Vincimus!

Little did they know that Poseidon was creating a huge wave from the ocean that surrounds Mount Olympus. The wave grows so big and has such force that it knocks the zombies off their feet and sweeps them away.

As the wave carries them back to the underworld they shout “nos redibimus!

But before the gods could celebrate their victory over the zombies Hades, the god of the underworld, comes out and tells them that his army of dancing zombies will be back to defeat the gods once and for all.

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