The Great Zombie Attack

by Mohan
(New York)

Mohan Kamta 10/28/13

Halloween Project

It was a peaceful morning on Mount Olympus and Iuppiter woke up.
Iuppiter: “ Mane est. Neptunus, Venus, Juno, Mercurius, Apollo, Minerva, Vulcanus, Diana, Mars, Vesta. Mane est!!!
Iuppiter wakes up all of the gods to get an early start on anything that they need to take care of.

The gods wake up and greet Iuppiter.
Salve Iuppiter. (All the gods greet him at once)
Iuppiter: salve gods et goddesses.
The gods and goddesses start working on what they need to do, when suddenly Iuppiter sees something at the bottom of the mountain.
Iuppiter: “Illic, solum mons. Zombies”!!!!!!
Iuppiter yells that he sees zombies at the bottom of the hill to the other gods and goddesses.
Zombies: “Mount Olympus nostrum sunt, Mount Olympus dat nostrum.”
Iuppiter: “Non est. Ductio ab Mount Olympus.”
Zombies: “nostrum ascendere Mount Olympus et occida tua.”
The zombies start to climb up the mountain and the gods prepare for a fight.
Zombies: “Hic bellum est. Ego interficiat tua Iuppiter.”
The zombies threaten Iuppiter and while they climb up the mountain the gods and goddesses are throwing arrows and lightining bolts at them.
Zombies: “ Tuus sagittae non nocere nobis est.”
Zombies: “Nos vincat et tua mos mori.”
Iuppiter: “Non est. tua mos mori.”
The zombies and the gods keep fighting but the zombies are getting closer and are almost at the top of the mountain.
Zombies: “Tradet Iuppiter”
Iuppiter: “Numquam”
But it is too late. The zombies reached the top and quickly surround the gods and goddesses so that they can’t escape. Then all the zombies attack them and don’t give the gods and goddesses a chance to fight back. And all of the gods and goddesses get killed by the zombies.
Zombies: “Vicimus, vicimus”

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