The Gods vs. Zombies

by Anne Startup

It was a lovely day on Mt. Olympus and all the gods were going about their duties as per usual. Suddenly, Hermes flew into the hall of the gods bearing grave news.

“Hades has set the zombies free! Now they are roaming Greece, terrorizing humans and destroying everything!” He said.

“We must find Zeus and tell him, so he can punish this terrible crime!” said Athena.

Unfortunately, Hades and his army of the undead had already found the mighty Zeus and brought him to the underworld as Hades’ prisoner. When the gods realized he was gone they planned to get Zeus back and then take revenge on the king of the underworld.

Meanwhile, the zombies had managed to kill many livestock and humans in Greece. They roamed the land moaning, “Volumus cerebra!” Soon they began to climb the slope of Mt. Olympus, reaching the home of the gods unnoticed, because the gods were so absorbed in their plans.

Resurrexerimus ex humo,” said the zombies as they reached the gods, “Nos missi sumus a domino, Plutone!”

“The zombies have infiltrated Mt. Olympus! We must defeat them!” screamed Ares.

Mors illis qui nobis obstant!” replied the zombies. “Nos perdemus vos!

The battle between the zombies and gods had begun. The fighting was fierce but it was clear the zombies were losing ground to the gods, slowly being driven off the mountaintop. While the battle on Mt. Olympus continued, Zeus was struggling to escape from his brother, Hades.

“Free me, Hades! I am the ruler of the gods and you will be punished for this!” said Zeus.

“You will never escape, and I will rule the underworld and the Earth with my army of undead!” replied Hades.

“I will not allow this, free me now or face my wrath!” bellowed Zeus.

While this was happening, a group of zombies came to Hades bearing news: "Nos perdimus, oportet nos accipere cladem" moaned the zombies.

“We cannot give up now, I want the world under my command and I can’t do that with the other god thwarting my plans.”

Sed, dei potentes sunt!” insisted the zombies.

Back on Mt. Olympus, the gods were winning.

Dedimus ad deos!” Hades’ army finally said.

Soon after Hermes, Athena, and Ares, followed by all of the other gods on Mt. Olympus, went to the underworld. They freed Zeus and condemned Hades to an eternity in the underworld, never surface on the Earth, as punishment for his crime. Then the gods dealt with the zombies.

“We must return you to the ground, you do not belong in the living world.” said Athena.

The zombies agreed, tired and discouraged after their defeat. “Pergemus ad inferos” they said, “Nos non iam ambulabimus in hac terra.”

And once again all was right in the world.

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