The Fight For Zeus

by Kylie
(New York)

Kylie Flynn

Latin 3
Mr. Horan
October 26th, 2011

Zombie Project
One beautiful day, Zeus, god of gods and the gorgeous Leto, goddess of motherhood, were off in the woods wandering together. The sun was out and it was just the perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold. They were having a lovely talk and decided to sit down on a log together by a stream. Zeus knew it was the right time to ask, but he was still nervous. All he could think about was the one question he was going to ask Leto. Will she say yes? He kept thinking and thinking. Finally, he decided he had to do it.

He got down one knee, "Will you marry me?", he asked.

Leto was shocked; she didn't know what to say. "Of course! Yes, of course!" She said with joy.

They started planning the wedding right away. Both of them were beyond excited for this to happen. They loved each other so much. Since Zeus and Leto had already had twins together, Apollo and Artemis, they couldn't wait until the day they finally got married. Both of their sons were smart boys. Apollo was the god of music while Artemis was the god of the hunt.

5 months later…

It was there special day, finally. Everyone was so excited, gathered together waiting for the beautiful Leto to walk down the aisle.

BAM! Three strangers walked in the room loudly and everyone looked at each other with frightened faces.

"Ubi est Leto? Nunc nos eam egere!"

The guests of the wedding didn't know what to do. These 3 people were scary and much different looking than they were.
Leto walked into the room after hearing all the noise from outside.

"Whats going on?" she asked.

"Ibi eam est! Auferet ad Hades!" said one of the scary strangers.

"Who are you and why are barging in on my special day?" Leto said very angrily.

Everyone watching this strange fight taking place didn't know how to react; were they supposed to help Leto or let her handle it herself?

The three strangers started running towards Leto while she started running as far away from them as possible.

"Non currere ab nobis!" said the strangers in sync. "Tibi habere viniscum!"

Apollo and Artemis tried to get up and help blocking the strangers from their mother, but the strangers started blocking them from helping her. They pushed both of them back into their seats. The twins were so upset; they fought back until they could both finally push the strangers away. They got up and ran toward their mother to block her from getting hurt from the strangers.

"Dimittet eam! Nobiscum eam veniere!"

"Back away from our mother now!" screamed Apollo loudly. "This is her special day and I will not let you ruin it!"
The strangers managed to completely knock out both Apollo and Artemis and run out with Leto in their hands. They ran together, all three of them holding onto Leto.

"Ecce! Manus est! Hoc erit nobis ad Hades!"

The sky opened up, it looked as if a tornado was coming through the town. Instead a large hand appeared through the sky and grabbed all three strangers and of course Leto who was being carried by them. Soon after, they appeared with Hades in his office.

"There she is" said Hades. "Hera, do you want to take care of her?"

"Of course I do, thank you so much guys!"

"Donec amet Hera, fortunatos!"

"Now guys, go get Persephone! She's at Zeus' birthday party! I need you to bring her to me immediately."

Leto ended up being tortured by Hera because of her jealously toward her marriage with Zeus. Hera and Leto obviously never ended up having a good relationship ever again. In the end, Leto and Zeus got happily married another day and have lived together since that day.

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