The Evil Attack of Natalie and Angela

by Carlie

Once upon a time, in a very far away land called Greece, there was an evil lady named Jen. She decided to raise the dead with her evil minion Alex. They created a potion that would make the dead, undead and bring them back from the land of Pluto.

They went to the cemetery and flooded it with the potion. The dead began to rise and since they still remained loyal to Pluto, who hated the gods for banishing him to the underworld, made the dead go to Mount Olympus and attack the gods at their yearly feast.

The head zombies, named Angela and Natalie, began the long trek to Mount Olympus with their followers.

“Veni amici! Olympi monti ascendere necesse!” Angela said.

“Habent iratum magister noster!” yelled Natalie.

Their followers all screamed, “aeternum vivere Hades!” and they began to charge Mount Olympus.

Minerva was the first god to hear the zombies coming up the mountain. She ran to tell Jupiter about them and a war was waged. Natalie and Angela went after Jupiter, since it’s only fair that the head of the zombies fought the head of the gods. Jupiter began to throw his lightning bolts, burning several zombies right then and there. That only upset Natalie and Angela even more and they then jumped on Jupiter’s back.

“Ultionem pro vestra malos!” Angela screamed, confusing Jupiter as to which of his ways he was being attacked for.

Natalie then knocked Jupiter out, thinking that they have now won the war, giving Pluto the kingdom of the gods.

Then, out of nowhere, Diana jumped up and struck Natalie on the head with her bow, knocking her down.

“Accipe illud!” she said and with that she ran and began shooting arrows, making rows and rows of zombies fall dead on the ground.

“Opus bonum,” said Vulcan, as he hands her more arrows fresh from his workshop. Vulcan went back to his workshop to create more weapons for the other gods.

Many of the zombies were now dead, the only two left were Natalie and Angela.

“Quid fecisti hoc?” Jupiter yelled at them. He was angry that someone had attacked the gods, his gods.

“Laeseritis Hades. Ultinomen haberi oportebat,” said Angela. Jupiter then threw a lightning bolt at both of them and they turned to ash right on the spot. After their failure, Jen and Alex left the country in search of something else they could destroy.

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