The Charging of Olympus

by Jeff
(North America)

One day in the middle of the ocean, Boreas and Notus gods of the north and south wind were helping merchants back and forth across the sea. The merchant ships were twice as fast as any other and the Gods were making a fortune off their expenditures. Over time all the other merchants in the area were poor and the economy dropped. The god of wealth, Plutus, was furious with the other gods. Plutus called upon Neptune to churn up the sea and destroy their ships. He also called upon Pluto to kill the Gods and the sailors and send them to the Underworld.

Many years later, Jupiter was very sad because a beautiful woman denied his love. Near the Underworld Jupiter went on The Lethe, the river of forgetfulness. Jupiter was so angry when he couldn’t forget about the woman that he sent a lightning bolt from his hands. The bolts shuck the ground and the Underworld was awakened. Zombies rose from the ground. Boreas and Notus came back to life as flesh eating hell pigs. “ Nos resurgemus et vincemus Mt. Olympum.” The revengeful merchants and their gods wish to wage war on the unjust gods of Olympus.

“ Mihi non placent dei Olympi,” said Boreas. “flabit ventus meus ad Olympum,” said Notus. The zombies finally reached the crest of Olympus. The zombies shouted, “ tradete!! Occures morti.” The gods of Olympus giggled and Mars led the gods into battle. Notus,” accipite ventum meum!” The gods were unmoved by Notus’ wind. Boreas exclaimed, “Note, iace ventum tuum quoque.” Both gods sent their wind and a tornado effect took place. The zombies cheered, one shouted, “ dei servient nobis.” Boreas and notus said simultaneaously,” nos regemus deos!” The gods were suspened in the air by the north and south winds and were unable to move.

The zombies thought they finished the gods but they hadn’t. Jupiter sent out a thunderbolt that pushed back the zombies. Neptune then crashed a tidal wave and washed away some of the zombies. Continuously the Mt. Olympus gods were destroying the undead when all of a sudden Apollo made the sun rise. The zombies began to quaver and fall for the final time. Boreas at last said,” redibimus et occidibimus omnes.” The gods replied, “ Nos regibimus Mt.Olympus semper.”

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