The Attack on the Gods

by Brian

For a long time the Gods denied the humans and let them care for themselves because of their viciousness with the gods. After 200 years of shunning by the gods, in the year 2024, they decided to take a look at what the humans had done without them. Zeus, as head of the gods, was the first to look upon the earth, and what he saw sickened him. He saw that zombies had taken over most of the world and he felt he must put an end to it. So, he traveled down to earth with his bolt of lightning to destroy them, and they trapped him! Without the head of the Gods chaos continued to rain all over the world, and the rest of the gods didn’t know what to do. So, Artemis goddess of wisdom and strategy called upon two of the greatest demi-gods, Theseus and Perseus to reclaim Zeus and destroy the zombies. But, they would need the help of a god to help them achieve their goal, so Ares , god of war, decided to help them because of his built up for war killing over the years. The two demi-gods were quite suspicious of him, but they needed help of such a strong god to help kill zombies. Before, they would adventure out they traveled to the home of the god, Hephaestus. From him they would obtain the strongest weapons and armor for their journey. Then the three of them traveled America searching for the main lair of the zombies. They searched from California to New York, but were still having trouble finding Zeus. This is where the story really heats up.

“manducare cerebella ego operor” said the head zombie to his henchman, and with that he sent them away after the three people challenging his plan of taking over Mt. Olympus!

“qua via peribunt” said one of the henchman while preparing his departure from their hideout.

“fulmen perdens eos cum bona” barked the head zombie to his men. Then he traveled to the of Zeus to see how far he was into his transformation. The Warriors only had two days till Zeus would change to a zombie forever!

As our Warriors continued they fought various beast and went through many challenges for example fighting the zombie Medusa, while she screamed “videant oculi mei.”

But, Perseus was able to chop her head off just in time! Then they came across the beast found within the labyrinth, The Minotaur, and Theseus was able to kill him with his own horn! The Beast screamed “Zeus non habet tempus.”

They traveled across the lands until they came across the HQ of the zombies only to be ambushed by the Head Zombie and his men! “oppugnare eos!”

With that the long battle started the three warriors used there supieor weapons to thrash through zombies and make it to Head Zombie. As they got closer to him they saw a glowing light that continued to grow, and in the blink of an eye Ares was zapped killing him! This was the first time a god had been destroyed, and his last words were “SAVE ZEUS! infernum vos ingredimini!”

With the destruction of Ares Perseus and Theseus fought harder to reclaim Zeus and his bolt to repair order to the world. With one swing Perseus took the head off of the Head Zombie, and reclaimed the bolt, But the Zombie screamed” introducta nos ad terra.”

This left the two Heros in shock to think that Hades, Brother of Zeus, would betray him like that! But, they didn’t have much time Ares had explained to them that soon Zeus would turn into a Zombie and all would end because of that. They traveled the HQ only to find Zeus locked up!
“ Help me Heros I will soon be a zombie. There isn’t much time left for me the only way is to….. occidere Hades”

All of a sudden Perseus was stabbed from behind forcing to fall to the floor to leave Theseus to the peril of their pursuer.
“ Ahh you have found me, as ruler of the underworld I have grown tired I desire power of all the world” said Hades

“ I won’t let you do this!” screamed Theseus. With all the death surrounding Theseus he was confused, but his adrenaline was pumping and with one last blast of power he threw the lightning bolt directly at the heart of Hades impaling him, and banishing him to Tartarus.

“icimus. totum bonum est.” yelled Theseus. While Ares did die Zeus regained his strength and bestowed the power of being a god upon Theseus and Perseus so they could remain upon Olympus to fight all evil.

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