The Attack on Olympus

by Elena

There was once a zombie who lived in the time of Nero. Before he was reduced to zombie form, however, he was a living human. He was an anarchist, calling “Mors ad Neronem. Jungimus et servamus mundo” on the streets of Rome, dissatisfied with his leader’s actions. The man was killed by Nero’s men in order to calm the riots against him and he was reverted to his zombie state.

After going into the afterlife, he saw there was so much more than corrupted leaders: there were corrupted gods, who did the awfulest things to mankind out of spite or to settle scores among themselves. He watched from the underworld Pluto’s kidnapping of Persphone and Jupiter’s frequent dalliances. He saw Juno find out about this dalliances and then act in rage and seek revenge. He saw as Venus again and again left her husband Vulcanus and he loved her still. He saw how they chose sides with the fate of the humans, using them as pawns. He saw Minerva try to alter the Trojan War in favor of the Geeks and her brother Mars fight with her for the Trojans regardless of the mortal deaths occurring. The zombie gained new insight in his deceased form and he decided that these gods needed to be stopped. The zombie couldn’t take on the gods alone, however. He needed an army.
The zombie set out into the underworld to gather up the willing dead. “Salve, filii!” he growled capturing the attention that he never seemed to get while they were living. “Scio vos curae, vos irae. Non justus est. Propono consilium nam servare homines. Nos necessitatis nam vivere sed caeles non sinent vivere in pace. Nos capitimus mones Olympo et diendes mundo.” The zombies moaned, voicing their agreement, as they followed their fearless leader up into the world.
The zombie army was met with screams and shrieks on the streets of Rome and many fled due to the sheer grotesqueness of their decaying faces. The zombie army marched on, in perfect lines, all the way to the highest holy mountain inhabited by the divine creatures the zombies had chosen as their enemy. They approached the towering temple unafraid (because really what was the worst that could happen? They were already dead!) and ready to go for the head of all the gods: Jupiter. The leader walked up to the heavy marble doors and rapped once on them and a resounding quake went through the hall.
Jupiter flung the doors open with a slight flick of his might wrists while leisurely seated down the corridor. His jaw dropped as he saw the thousands upon thousands of zombies march into his domain. “Jupite,” called the leader, “nos venimus nam juvare homines. Tuus malus est et malus princeps est.” Jupiter scoffed and bellowed out to the masses, “You think you can defeat me? I am a god; you have no chance. I’d like to see you try!”
The leader of the zombie troops looked up into the god’s eyes and said “Habemus non arbitri. Diendes nos debemus capissere vire.” And the battle began.

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