Pluto's Turn To Rule

by Alexander

Once upon a time, in ancient Rome, Pluto decided it was his turn to rule the throne. He wanted to find a clever way to overthrow Olympus, so he contacted Thanatos, god of the dead. He wanted an army of zombies. Since he could not raise the dead, he decided to speak with Thanatos.

Thanatos was in his corner of the underworld, supervising the death of many people.
Pluto says “saluta Thanatos”

Thanatos “saluta Pluto, quomodo ego auxilium tibi dabo?”

Pluto “I need an army of zombies to overthrow Olympus. It is my time to rule. If you help me, I will let you rule by my side.”

Thanatos “Ok Pluto, we have a deal”

Thanatos then proceeds to raise an army of zombie warriors. The zombies rise and all cry “salutavera Pluto, noster dominum.”
The leader of the zombie army, Achilles, says “quae facetis pro te?”

Pluto “Fight for me against the Olympians.”

Achilles “Pugnabimus pro te”

With that, the zombies march toward mount Olympus ready to confront the gods with Pluto as their leader. When Jupiter sees the zombies approaching, he rallies the other Olympian gods to fight for Olympus.

Jupiter “Pluto, leave now before we destroy you and your army”

Achilles “Pluto, nos pugnabimus per tuum. Jupiter inbecillus est”

Zombies “Salutavera Pluto”

Jupiter “Fine, if it war you desire, then war you shall have. Mars, destroy them!

Mars transforms to his true form instantly vaporizing the zombie army, and weakening Pluto with his sheer power. The zombies, led by Achilles, charge the god only to realize his superior strength. Mars single handedly beat back the zombie army until they surrendered. Mars in his rage continued to attack the zombies along with Pluto. The Zombies scream in fear and in pain “salva nobis, salva nobis! Nos dolemus pro nostris facinoribus.”
Pluto falls to his knees and prays in Latin to show his fear of the gods “salvame! Ego stultus eram.”

Jupiter “exit hunc!”
Pluto runs from the gods back down to the underworld to never challenge the gods again.

As Pluto can be seen running, Thanatos smiles quietly to himself for he knew the army he created was far too weak to defeat the gods. He just did not want to upset Pluto because Pluto did outrank him, and being unpopular with many people, he wanted someone to side with him.

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