Pluto's Revenge

by Bobby

After the Gods defeated Saturn and the Titans, the three parts of the universe were divided among the Big Three Gods, Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter. Pluto, unfortunately, was given the last choice to pick which part of the universe he wanted to rule. As a result, when Jupiter picked to rule the sky and Neptune picked to rule the sea, Pluto was left to rule the lonely and depressing underworld. Having to rule the underworld angered Pluto because he rarely would be able to go to Mount Olympus and would rarely be able to see any of the other Gods because he would have to stay in the underworld every day except on the winter and summer solstices where there were annual meetings on Mount Olympus.

After 200 years of anger and depression in the underworld, it was the day before the winter solstice and Pluto had finally devised a plan to get revenge on his brothers, Jupiter and Neptune. At the winter solstice meeting on Mount Olympus, Pluto would summon the zombies of monsters and demigods from the underworld and have them destroy Mount Olympus and imprison the Gods in Tartarus. Pluto would then replace his brother Jupiter as King of the Gods and would peacefully rule the universe.

The next day at the winter solstice meeting on Mount Olympus the Gods were all seated in the palace and ready to start their meeting when Jupiter noticed an empty chair.

Jupiter: Where is my beloved brother Pluto? We cannot start discussing without…

A loud bang on the door of the palace interrupted Jupiter and Pluto appears in the door away.
Jupiter: Pluto, why are you late?

Pluto: Because I was getting a special surprise for everybody

Jupiter: What is this surprise you speak of?
Behind Hades, who filled up the whole doorway, 500 zombies were hidden and ready to start the surprise attack on the Olympians at Pluto’s signal. Pluto stomped his foot, the zombies raised their swords, and ran into the palace.

Zombies: Oppugnamus gladiis deos deasque. Pluto rex deorum dearumque erit.

Jupiter had his lightning bolt at his side and was the only God prepared to fight. All the other Gods had left their weapons behind such as Mars who didn’t have his sword with him and Diana who didn’t have her silver bow with her. Zeus fought off and killed 50 of the 500 zombies with his lightning bolt, but there were to many and he was surrounded.

Zombies: Iuppite, da telum tuum Pluto`! Iuppiter rex deorum dearumque non erit, sed servus Pluti erit.

The Zombies took the lightning bolt from Jupiter and gave it to Pluto who continued to command the Zombies to surround the Olympians. All the Gods were surrounded now except for Mercury who was too quick for the zombies to surround. He kept flying away from the zombies with his flying shoes, but he wouldn’t be able to do it for long because of his fatigue.

Zombies: Mercurius deus nimium rapidus est. Mercurium rapidum capere non possumus.

The Zombies and Pluto were very close to winning the battle against the Olympians.

Zombies: Vincemus hoc bellum et Pluto rex deorum dearumque erit.

However, Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, used her intelligence to come up with plan to save the Olympians. Specifically, she told Mercury to fly away and get the half mortals to help defeat the zombies and save the Olympians. After hearing Minerva’s plan, Mercury quickly flew away.

Two hours later when Hermes returned, the Gods were wrapped in chains and the zombies were ready to carry them into Tartarus to be banished with the Titans. However, Mercury had brought back an army of over 1,000 half mortals led by the powerful half mortal hero Perseus. The tide of the battle had turned rapidly as the half mortal army led by Perseus rapidly began to slaughter the zombies.

Zombies: Perseus nimium fortis est. Plute, da auxilium nobis.

Within a matter of minutes, there were only two zombies remaining. The last two zombies yelled, “Hoc bellum vincere non possumus nam copiae Persei fortes sunt,” before Perseus decapitated both of them with one slash of his sword.

Then the half mortals took the chains off the Olympians and surrounded Pluto, so he couldn’t escape from Mount Olympus. After they freed Jupiter from the chains, Jupiter wrapped up Pluto with the chains and banished him in Tartarus along with the Titans. Proserpina became the goddess of the underworld and the Olympians lived happily ever after.

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