Percy Jackson: when zombies awake

by Savannah

One day on Mt. Olympus Percy Jackson came to visit his dad Poseidon. Poseidon was excited to see him but after his arrival became enraged. Percy failed his chemistry test and his dad was very disappointed. Angry Poseidon needed to find a chemistry tutor. He went to Athena because she is the goddess of wisdom and is well known for her knowledge of chemistry.

During their first tutoring session frustrated Percy Jackson could not understand the difference between voltaic and galvanic batteries. Percy Jackson stormed out of the room, and he happened to walk over a cemetery. His loud heavy steps shook the ground. Zombies are awoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zombie 1: “Saluta nos ad terram.

Percy Jackson is only thrown off guard for a quick second. But he is a trained demi-god and knows what to do. Flying by, Mercury, sees the zombies crawling from their graves.

Zombie 2: “Esurimus!

Mercury runs through the air back to the top of Mt. Olympus where he warns the other gods that some zombies have awoken. Diana, the goddess of the hunt, is instinctually ready to hunt of course. But the gods living on Mt. Olympus do not have experience with the dead. So they need to call Persephone, not Pluto because he is too evil to help them. So Persephone comes to Mt. Olympus to use her knowledge of the underworld to fight the zombies.
Zombie 3: “Uno duo tres opugnate nunc.

The gods plus Percy Jackson were not afraid. Percy, chem tutor: Athena, Mercury, Diana, and Persephone assembled in fighting formation.

Zombie 4: “Nos capiemus Montem Olympum.

Mercury, hovering above gives the first direction to Diana to herd the zombies. Athena maps out where to lead them to. The zombies however are not cooperating. Persephone knew what they would plan to do, so she told Percy to go from one side while she distracted the zombies with her shining beautiful pearls that she uses to escape from the underworld. Percy starts to fight them: front kick, back kick, roundhouse, punch. Persephone joins him as well as Athena and Diana. They are beating up all the zombies.

Zombie 5: “Non pugnare desistemus

Percy knows that in order to make his dad proud he must defeat the zombies.

Zombie 6: “Percy Jackson deditionem dat.

Despite the negative commentating from the zombies, he uses his inner strength given to him by Poseidon to create a tidal wave to crush the zombies. Through the water he hears:

Zombie 7: "Da deditionem alioquin veniemus matri tuae humanae!"

At the thought of his mom in danger, Percy gets the determination to destroy the zombies.

Zombie 8: "Nos tenebimus Montem Olympem mox!"

But the tidal wave is so strong that the zombies are slowly drowning.

Zombie 9: "I in malam rem!"

Zombie 10: "Non est finis. Pergemus."

Just as the zombies are saying their last words, they are washed away for good, and and once again buried deep into the soil of Mt. Olympus to be silenced for eternity.

After a quick celebration between Percy, Athena, Diana, Mercury, and Persephone - Athena reminds Percy about his chemistry lesson that he mistakingly stormed out on. Percy realizes that his dad will only be proud of him once he gets a good grade on his chemistry test. Not only does Poseidon expect Percy to conquer the zombies and save Mt. Oylmpus, but also pass chemistry.

Percy and Athena went back to the study to continue their work, later that week Percy got a B- on his chemistry test, and retuned again to Mt Olympus, finally to gain the pride of his dad.

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