Party on Mount Olympus!

by Sabrina

Welcome to Zombie High! The school where all types of creatures attended. Here at zombie high nothing ever happens, everyone’s dead, literally. Each day drags on with the same old routine; First period bell rings, then second then third and on it goes until the day is done and everybody goes back to their own graveyard. One group of mischievous zombies however had had enough of this boring day to day after life and was ready for a big change! Halloween was coming up and this rebellious trio, Delilah, Hannah and Kirsh wanted to do something new this year, something that no one has ever attempted in the history of Zombonia!

On one cold spooky night in Zombonia Hannah, Delilah and Kirsh had a sleepover to discuss their master plan for Halloween. Kirsh said to Hannah and Delilah “nos convenit et mentis admidratio!” then Delilah replied with a “bonus imaginis est!” All night the three girls stayed up planning and planning their big surprise to reveal to everyone in school the next morning.
The next day Hannah, Delilah and Kirsh hung up posters all over the school about their big Halloween party on Mount Olympus. Hannah went to the main office and announced the party on the morning announcements. “Bonus mane dispiculi! cras nocte, erit formidulosus festum in monte Olympo, omnes es exspectata.” After Hannah read the announcement she heard cheers and happiness all around the school, the girls were all very happy and knew that there party would go just as planned.
On that night Hannah, Delilah and Kirsh made their way up to mount Olympus along with the rest of there school. Everyone was so excited and hungry for the flesh of the gods and goddesses! As they approached the top of Mount Olympus they saw the lightning bolts of Zeus! They have awoken the king! Kirsh turned around in fear and was about to run when Delilah stopped her and said
“non, opus pugnare est!” Delilah turned to all of the zombies and said “Deos exitato!”
All of the zombies began to storm Mount Olympus and Zeus soon appeared in front of all of them, he stood tall with his lightning bolt and said:
“You will not pass me!, this is the home of the gods and you all are not welcome here!”
Hannah, Delilah and Kirsh knew they were no match for Zeus but they made sure to show no fear. Hannah was the first one to move, she began to run toward Zeus and the rest followed. He soon realized that he was no match for all of the zombies so he called for backup. He rose his thunder bolt up to the sky and moment later Athena arrived in front of the Zombies.
Athena was fierce, all the zombies knew who she was, Kirsh began to lose fate so she went up to Athena and said. “ Fortes estis, oculis tuis ne nobis nocebit”
“I will not hurt you, but It is my duty to keep Mount Olympus safe from enemies, why are you here I must ask?” said Athena.
“nos venimus in pace” said Kirsh
Athena believed the zombies and called Hermes, the messenger god to inform all of the gods and goddesses that the zombies came in peace and just wanted to have party on Mount Olympus. Soon arrived Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, all of the male zombies were drawn to her the moment she walked through the door. The next goddess to join the party was Hera, she joined the party in a beautiful peacock dress and expected attention from the zombies, however all eyes were on Aphrodite, she was so jealous and angry that she began to throw the male zombies off of mount Olympus, one by one!
Kirsh, Delilah and Hannah were all terrified and began to panic!

“ sumus in magnus tribulationis!” said Hannah
Hephaestus soon arrived and swung Hera off of Mount Olympus in anger, he said “ Leave my zombie friends alone! You will not do to them what you did to me!” the remaining zombies cheered in joy.
“gratias ago tibi” said all of the zombies at once, they were now friends with most of the gods and goddess’ of Mount Olympus and they all had a great time at the party after Hera was kicked of the Mountain.
“magnus nox fuit illa” said Hannah and Delilah and Kirsh both nodded in agreement
“videre vos anno altero!” Kirsh, Hannah and Delilah all screamed out at the same time as they walked away from Mount Olympus.

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