Mt. Olympus

by Charlotte Bell

It was a dark day on Mt. Olympus and the G-ds sat atop, all of a sudden they saw a group of zombies storming Mt. Olympus.

"Nos venimus quia volumus capere vos."

Zeus, upset with the words of the zombies, threw a lightning bolt and began a storm.

"Nos non timemus."

Hermes then quickly flew and informed the rest of the G-ds to come and help fight the zombies. Athena was the first to arrive with Zeus and began strategizing against the zombies.

"Nos tenemus melius consilium quam vos."

Ares was ready to carry out Athena's plan, with weapons built by Hephaestus.

"Nos fortiores quam vos, vos laborabitis."

The G-ds were now angry and began to fight the zombies.

"Nos sumus mortui ambulantes et nos vincemus vos."

The two went back and forth using their weapons to bring the other down.

Nos tenemus magnae armae.

Hephaestus created strong weapons for the G-ds to fight with. They finally killed one zombie that had been attacking Ares in particular because he was the best fighter of them all.

"Eum necavisti sed plures sumus." The G-ds were no longer scared because they knew they could defeat the zombies.

"Vos certi non estis, non vicistis."

The zombies doubted the G-ds power; the G-ds no longer had any fear. The zombies quickly shouted out, “reveniemus quia non iam confecimus.

The zombies had no choice but to make a final exit or else they would all be dead.

Est finis.

The zombies stormed down from Mt. Olympus and left the G-ds in peace.

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