Mortuus Ambulans

by Eden

It is Halloween night on Mt. Olympus. The Gods and goddesses are relaxing in their throne room when suddenly a strange noise is heard in the distance. Thinking that it’s probably nothing, the Gods go back to whatever they were doing (being Gods and such). However, a few minutes later, the noise again and it sounds closer… almost like a group of creatures are marching towards them. As they continue to get closer, the words “sumus zombiés!” are heard. Realizing that Mt. Olympus could be under attack, Athena and Ares begin preparing their weapons for a battle and creating strategies. There is no way 14 Gods are going to let their home be taken over by a bunch of zombies. But there’s no time to plan! The Zombies are at the door and they don’t sound happy. Who could be behind such a thing? “we attack for our master Hades!” shouts one conveniently timed zombie. Oh course! Who better to plot against the olympians than the God of the underworld? Plus who else would know this many zombies...“Zombiés delectant cerebellum vestrum” they shouted; breaking the gods out of their thoughts. Zeus wanted nothing more to go and kick Hades’ butt, he knew that he first he had to take care of this minor zombie infestation. “vescemur cerebelli vestrum” one shouted as they tried to break into the room. The others chorused with “habimus cibum aeternum”. The gods were getting a little nervous because even though they are gods, everyone knows that latin speaking zombies are the most dangerous. “habimus timent. Just then, the zombies broke through the door and charged at the gods. “oppugmus Olympus!” they yelled with confidence. The gods quickly began to fight off the zombies but there were too many of them! “Abolemus Deii!” They cried as more stormed into the room. Just as the Gods began to give up hope, a beam of light appeared, and out of it stepped Persephone, Hades’ wife and goddess of the spring. “Finis praelium” she called. She had come to stop the invasion to get back at Hades for forcing her to live in the underworld. “numquam finis!” the zombies responded! But using her spring-ly powers, Persephone turned all of the ugly, evil zombies into beautiful flowers. The gods cheered and there was peace on Halloween.

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