Midterm Grammar Practice

Midterm III: Practice Grammar

1. Caesare ________, omnes cives tristes erant.
a. mortuo
Ablative Absolute

2. Temporibus antiquis Cincinnatus ________ creatus est.
b. dictator
Linking verbs link two nominatives

3. Mucius dixit se regem _______.
b. necaturum esse
Indirect statement: accusative subject, infinitive verb

4. Cum servi perterriti ________, dominus eos non verberavit.
c. essent
Third person plural; subjunctive in a cum clause.

5. Iulius ________ imperavit ne fugeret.
d. servo
Dative with an intransitive verb

6. Omnes discipuli _______ sunt.
a. pigri
Linking verbs link two nominatives

7. Tam iratus erat ut non ________.
a. putaret
Third person singular; subjunctive in a result clause

8. Scire nolebam cur tu irata ________.
b. esses
Second person singular; subjunctive in an indirect question

9. Marcus, in hortum _______, sororem salutavit.
d. intrans
Participle: masculine, singular, nominative to agree with Marcus

10. Cirum _______ milites stabant.
a. muros
Accusative with circum: Not in SID SPACE

11. Ante _______ pueri sedebant.
b. ianuam
Accusative with ante: Not in SID SPACE

12. Sub _______ pastor et oves dormiunt.
d. arboribus
Ablative with sub: SID SPACE

13. Cum _______ Iulia semper disputat.
b. fratribus
Ablative with cum: SID SPACE

14. Omnibus rebus _______, Caesar milites progredi iussit.
d. confectis
Ablative Absolute

15. Noli ________ me paratum non esse.
a. putare
Negative command: noli/nolite + infinitive

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