Latin Pronunciation

While Latin pronunciation is best learned from your teacher, here are a few simple guidelines to help.


ā like last a in aha! a like first a in aha!
ē like e in they e like e in met
ī like i in machine i like i in pin
ō like o in holy o like o in wholly*
ū like oo in boot u like oo in foot


ae like in ai in aisle oe like in oi in boil
au like ou in our eu like eu in feud
ei like ei in eight ui like we


Consonants generally have the same sounds as in English. But observe the following:

c like c in come s like s in sun
g like g in get t like t in time
i like y in yet v like w in wine

Beyond these simple rules, try mimicking a good teacher. You may also find good examples of audio Latin on this website or elsewhere on the internet.

Lastly, if you are really into learning how to pronounce Latin, get a copy of Vox Latina: A Guide to the Pronunciation of Classical Latin by W. Sidney Allen.

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