A New Latin Play
Based on Lingua Latina 03

For your Latin skit you will work in groups of 4 and 5. Each group will be assigned one part of chapter 3 to perform as a skit.

Scaena Prima: Julia's singing annoys her brother Marcus. He feels better after hitting her. But Quintus saw the whole thing and defends his sister. Now Quintus and Marcus hit one another, and Julia calls mom.

Scaena Secunda: Julia tattles on Marcus as mother enters. Mother investigates, asks questions, punishes Marcus. Father is sleeping, not available to help settle the dispute.

Scaena Tertia: Father comes in, with his patria potestas. He punishes Marcus again. Quintus thinks this is funny. Julia is such a good little girl that her heart goes out even to Marcus being punished.

Task: Rewrite, memorize, and perform your scene

1. Using your assigned scene as a skeleton, rewrite the scene with more dialogue and more action. Add simple lines so that everyone has a big enough part to be graded on pronunciation.

2. Use only vocabulary that we have seen in chapters 1-4. You may add up to three new words or phrases, but they must be approved by the teacher and clearly shown and explained to the class before the scene begins.

3. When the new scene is complete, each player must memorize his/her lines. Class time will be given to bring it all together as a group, but individuals must memorize lines outside of class.

4. Include a narrator (aut narratrix!) and practice, practice, practice.

5. On the day of the skits, look as Roman as possible. (Tunicae et togae, stolae et pallae, bullae, sandaliae, petasi, omnia quae Romani gerebant temporibus antiquis!)

6. Bring props, too. Don't forget the baculum. And don't forget your lines.

N.B. Consider this project an assessment of your Latin pronunciation.

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