Latin Phrases: 
Wit and Wisdom of the Romans

These Latin phrases, maxims, and mottoes offer large thoughts in few words.

They also help teach English derivatives from Latin roots.

They also offer memorable examples for the study of grammar and syntax.

So read through the links below. Study the wisdom of the Romans, the roots of our modern English language, and the structure of the Latin language.

Latin Phrases

First Quarter:

errāre est humānum
fēstīnā lentē
carpe diem
audentēs fortūna iuvat
fiat lūx
omne initium est difficile
bis dat quī cito dat
ars longa, vīta brevis
mēns sāna in corpore sānō
numquam retrosum
fit via vī
sīc semper tyrannīs

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